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A cheating heart don't deserve a faithful love.
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My Best friend, my lover, my partner and my husband

You made my life complete.

You give me confidence I never knew I have.

You made me complete as a woman.

You make me believe myself when you planted your seed inside me.

Now I am a mother and you’re the father of my child.

I feel so lucky to have you as the solid rock to lean on.

When troubles come our way, you stand by me with all your strength and power.

You are always there to listen and comfort me with your compassion.

You may not be a perfect person but your mischief’s makes you the best.

You as the foundation of our family nothing can tears us apart not even the strongest storm.

Even though you are far from us but you never let our child grow with out your guide.

It is amazing how you and our daughter connect each other when thousand of miles stand between you and Lucianna.

But fathers are indeed gifted as firm and lasting guide for his child.

As a father of my child there is nothing I can complain about.

As the head of the family I adore you and very proud of you.

As for one word to describe you “Super Daddy “is all I can say.

The love you give me is priceless.

I know being you the cornerstone of my home; we can stand no matter what kind of weather we meet along the way.

Happy Fathers Day!


@Emelita C. Smith

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The father is the source of strength of his family.

He can weather storm in order to protect them.

He will endure rain or shine to provide his love ones.

He is always ready to give his support and guidance all the time.

The father is consistent for his duty and love for the family.

He can move mountains and shy away the temptation.

He gives himself fully to his family with love and devotion.

Children who have a father to guide them are blessed from heaven.

A husband is a gift for his wife and siblings.

The fathers may look tough in the outside yet so soft inside.

His happiness is to see his family well provided.

He sacrifices his own needs for the sake of his family.

Fathers may mean sometimes but his heart is bleeding for his child.

Fathers are the makers of what we become.

Fathers are always there to lend a helping hand.

Fathers sometimes misunderstood of his wisdom not knowing the meaning.

Fathers are gifted to be strong and stable, firm and durable as the homes foundation.

The father is the source of life itself as we become a family.

A home with out a father can not be a family at all.

A child is lucky who have a father’s love and care.

A mother is blessed to have her partner and companion in life.\

A house is not a home with out the foundation.

A family is blissful when love abounds.

God bless the fathers that honor his love for his family.

And for whom who remain faithful in their vows of love and devotion.

Happy Fathers Day!


@Emelita C. Smith


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Many have said I might go astrayYou are not here you’re so far away.These thoughts make me swayAs they say no man this dayLove his woman faithfully.Love will make a wayMe and You stay strong I pray.We have faith each other that make us stay.As I close my eyes everydayI feel you in my heart love me tenderly.Loving you from a distance is not easyThinking of you having an affair makes me crazy.I can not avoid the venom of jealousyIt sometimes poison my sanityBut, you’re always there taking all the pain and misery.Another year has passed as we live each dayOur love just keeps better stronger everyday.It is either sunny or rainy dayNot even a storm can set us apart and swayWe remain in love each other faithfully.We have happy moments and also stormy dayLove keep us stand strong side by side each dayAnd the love we feel in our hearts stayAs we fight all the hardships and trials along the wayAfter what we have been through we have stay.As we celebrate our second wedding anniversary For all the pain, trials and miseryWe never leave each other as we live each dayHappy days are sweet to remember But, some days such as rainy complete the diary.Since the first day we met my “Big Guy”My feelings still never change in any wayI am still in love with you truly and madlyEveryday you make my heart sing out loudlyFor my love all this time for you only.“I LOVE YOU with all my heart my Jimbo”(Gihigugma Ko ikaw sa tibuok Kong kasing-kasing akong Jimbo)E.C.S 03-16-2011

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I remember the old daysWe talked about everythingIt was all happy and lovelyWe both laugh and have a good time those days.Is it one year? Two years? Three yearsOr four years ago since the first time we talked?Yes, it was four years ago we said our first helloThat was the sweetest hello for me since then.The simple hi makes me feel so high.I look forward everyday just to see your smileDays turn to year and still I feel the sameJust your presence makes me glow.The day we said our first “I LOVE YOU”It was the day I found true love in you.Your eyes told me you love me soSince then our days full of love and happy memories.Sweet moments I treasure in my heartHappy days I cherish all this timeThose were the days I remembered Another year has passed my sweetheart.There were sweet bitter memoriesIt can not be forgotten as it adds the storyBut it can never destroy what we have We are stronger than the trials itself.After what we have been throughNothing we can not endureWe made it this far with all those thornsTogether we removed it successfully.I love you SweetheartStronger than ever Forever and always I willThrough the years my love grows.E.C.S 03-2011


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My husband made this video for me onthis day. I am trying to shared it here, I don't know if it works. it does not work i think..

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I wonder my darling

If you know what I’m feeling

When you’re not here

You are living away from me and in the far end.

Do you ever wonder what I am doing?

Have you ever wonder if I stays late in the evening.

Did you ever dream of me while sleeping?

I wonder what you’re thinking when you woke up in the morning.

I wonder if you know what kind of misery I am feeling.

I am hoping, missing, craving for your touch and loving.

I think of you in the evening and in the wake of morn.

I wonder how I can go on living with this kind of suffering.

Do you ever wonder who I’m talking?

Have you ever wonder to whom I’m smiling?

Did you ever think of me with longing?

Have you ever wonder what I’m thinking?

I wonder if you know these things.

Do you know the agony I’m feeling?

When you’re not here with me I feel I am sinking.

I wonder if you feel the same.

I wonder why our love feels like magic in my heart.

I wonder why I feel like I am in paradise.

I wonder why love is such a prize.

I wonder why I fall in love with a magic touch.(Feb.3, 2011)E.C.S

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I am not a writer

but I have written our love story.

I am not a poet but I wrote for you a poem.

I am not a singer but I sing a love song for you.

I am not a dancer but I dance with you in the rain.

I am not a painter but I have paint the rainbow for you.

I am not perfect but loving you makes me the best.

If I am an angel, I will wrap you softly in my wings.

If I am a pillow, I will let you lay down on my softness.

If you’re in the dark, I will be your guiding light.

If you are sad, I will make you smile.

If you lost your hope; I will bring it back to you.

If you are weak, I will be your strength.

I am just a woman loving my man with all my heart.

I am not wishing to be a millionaire only to be love.

I am restless my love with out you here by my side.

I am always dreaming a white Christmas but blue is all I have.

I wish I have a pink Christmas if it is real not a fairy tale.

I only want the simplest among the simple things.

I treasured your promise I hope you will abide.

I believe in you sweetheart with all my heart.

I will wait for you no matter how long my love.

I hope you’re thinking of me as you live day by day.

I keep your heart in mine I hope you do the same.

I whispered your name in the air I hope it carries the wind.

My love will always be true for you.

You’re my hope my strength and my rock.

We will be together in this never ending journey.

Whatever obstacle we meet along the way you and I will always be.

Our faith will give us courage to reach our dreams.

Trust and understanding will make us a good team.

Our love will make us win.

You and I can not be broken.

Our hearts entwined from the beginning.

Together we can defeat the enemies of men.

Our life continues even in the midst of pain.

We both know we will have the sweetest victory in the end.By: E.C.S


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My words I uttered to you come from the deepest part of me.

The words that I speak to you are true and full of sincerity.

My mouth never says a word of treachery but love and fidelity.

All the words that I have written are the feelings inside of me.

My words are my weapons to fight life.

Words are as powerful as a canyon in the battle field.

But remember the words that are unspoken sometimes give the significant.

I will never say “I Love You” if I don’t meant it.

I will not say I am happy if my heart is crying in silence.

I will not say sorry just for the heck of it.

I will not give you a promise if I can never abide it.By: E.C.S 11-30-2010

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Wealth and Luxury is nothing

If love in our hearts is absent.

Money gives you power

Love makes you happier.

I don’t need the wealth if you’re not by my side.

I would prefer to be poor with you my love.

If we hold on tight everything will be alright.

As long as we love each other nothing else matter.

Ups and down in life is only a test for us.

We just need to be strong and stand side by side.

I don’t need the most expensive gifts.

I just need your love and care to live.

Sun will shine after the storm my darling.

Everything dark will be brighter and light.

Rain will stop the mist only you can touch.

The dreams in our hearts will be brighter as the moonlight.

Never give up on us sweetheart

I am with you in the dark through the morning light.

Your sadness is my pain

Your heartaches are my sorrow.

Together forever we dance in life

As our love gets stronger no more strife

God is with us guiding our path

We can make it as long as we have faith in our hearts.

By: E.C.S

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I heard Love is a wonderful thing

Yet can make you cry if you fall in.


But, what is this I am feeling?

It’s new for me and strange.

Could this be love or just a fling?


In my heart there’s a craving

I want to tell you about my dreams.

Between heaven and earth

It’s you I wish to live with.


My life was a dead end.

With your hopes and dreams

You made me live again.

I knew I am falling in.


I want the moon and the stars to witness

As I confess to you my heart.

Your name is engraved in the deepest part.


It is love I am feeling and not just a fling.

It’s both hell and heaven.

But, I am ready to live in.


Truly love has so many splendor things.

But few have found and feel the same.

It’s like a magic just a blink

And you’re in.


With you my love I depend.

I gave you my heart till the end.

My love for you is always the same.




 @E.C.S 07-29-10

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As you look at me with those passionate eyes.

I feel I am the prettiest bride.


My sexual desire was awakened

With that steamy touch you bring.


I thought I was an Ice maiden

No one can break my coldness is well hidden.


But, you came along love is your weapon.

I can not deny the call of true love in my bones.


I was once a naïve little country woman.

With you the world was open for me to know.


I thought I already knew everything

But, you showed me more about living.


I learned from you all new things

And show me there is more to life than breathing.


I never knew love have its ecstasy

We made love full of glee.


You are so strong full of emotion

I become captive in your majestic actions.


I fall in love with you each of everyday

You make me glow in the light of the day.


 As we travel in this ride of love and life.

Together we can make it to a better place.


Stay with me through thick and thin

And together we can make it to the end.


Life’s ride is not smooth and easy.

But, with true love in our hearts we can make it.


Life with out love is bleak and dark.

Love can make you see the light.



Love ride is fun

There is magic for everyone 

 Let's have a ride and have fun.@E.C.S

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