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Im the type of gurl that's been heart-broken for so long. But now i am healing from all the HURT and PAIN i went through. If only it wasn't for my man!!!! i am straight and is now expecting a little girl!!!!
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It's time that i moved forward
it's time that i move on,
it's time that i forget about him
cause his love for me is gone.

It's time to get over the facts
it's time to face the truth,
it's time for me to accept this pain
cause with him i was i was being used.

It's time for this pain to leave
it's time to be happy again,
it's time to fix my broken-heart
for that special someone to mend.

It's time to find the right one for me
i can't wait until i do,
it's time to leave the past behind
and find something more that's true.

It's time to move on with my life
it's time for me to shine,
it's time that i encourage myself
that the life i live is fine. 

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It's hard to find a perfect man
especially when this world is so cold,
I thought i had the perfect one
to cherish, to love, and to hold.

But as months go by
and things starts to change,
his love disappears
but along came the pain.

We talked, we left
we talked again,
he let me go
but wanted to be friends.

How can i be friends
with the boy i loved?
he was suppose to be my king
my gift from above.

I decided to forgive him
but not be friends,
all i ever wanted
was to find a good man.

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Who is this girl?
This girl whose so quiet and shy?
This is not who she is
and she keeps wondering why.
Who is this girl?
This girl who was in love?
with a guy she thought she liked
but wasn't from above.
Who is this girl?
Whose been hurt so many times?
Her heart has been broken
and now she knows the signs.
Who is this girl?
This girl who cries every night?
why can't she even sleep?
she know things don't seem right.
Who is this girl?
This girl who does wrong things?
She knows what she do is wrong
but who knows what it may brings?
Who is this girl?
This girl who tries to see?
why is life so differcult?
do anybody agree?
Who is this girl?
This girl born into this world?
THIS GIRL IS ME!!!!!!!!!!!

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The love i have for you
is stronger than words,
let me cater to you
and give you everything you deserve.
I'm giving you my love
im giving you my life
as long as you be my man
while i be your wife.
I want you all to myself
cause i don't want to share.
I need you in my life
cause we're the perfect pair.
If you ever need me
I'll be there.
just call me when you need to
cause i'll be right there.

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Love has now struck me
like the lighting from the sky,
it moved me so much
i felt like i was gonna die.

I've been in love
3 different times,
I've never been so hurt
but love is blind.

Love has taken me
to so many people,
they didn't love me
but everyone's equal.

But i know this person
that love has brought me to,
he's everything i ever wanted
he' more faithful and more true.

I always thought that
love was made for me,
but now i just realize
it's made for everyone to see.

Love is not a game
love is not your friend,
so never play with it
cause it'll win in the end.

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Why does things have to change?
why couldn't it just stayed the same?
I thought love would last forever
looks like to me, it will never.
When will true love come my way?
I know all i have to do is hope and pray.
I've been patient all my life,
hoping things will be alright.
But as i look back over my life
i imagine going through misery and strife.
So as my life starts to change
i know things will never be the same.

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He loves me,
he loves me not,
I am so confused
and im mad at him a lot.

He did this to me once
he did this to me twice,
what did i do wrong
he will pay the price.

He broke up with me twice
without a good excuse,
i thought he was the one
but now we're over and through.

I'm not lookin back in the past
cause that would make things worse,
im not going another round
im not shifting in reverse.

It's time that i move on
it's time to be on my own,
im losin track of time
cause my love for him is gone.

I'm tired of shedding tears
no tears won't fall from these eyes,
nomore thinking about him
nomore giving us another try.

I'm tired of believing his lies
im tired of him playing games,
i heard he was playing me
but im not tellin him any names.

He will get whats coming to him
he's makin a bad mistake,
i never thought we would be apart
but it was a choice he wanted to make.

Not only we're not together
but he also broke my heart,
he said he'll never do it
but he tored us apart.

One thing i learned fromTravis
was that he was always good at lying,
i never thought he would do this to me
but im finish with all the crying.

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Give me your time
and listen to me,
don't say a word
just let me speak.

Im tired of all the arguing
and some hurtful words,
it all came from you
but the words I didn't deserve.

You hurt me with your words
but you never even knew,
I never sid nothing
cuz im too much in love with you.

In case you haven't noticed
words can sometimes hurt,
it's just like threads
being ripped from a shirt.

So watch wat you say
and think before you speak,
but if you don't
then it's the end of you and me.

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Send me a flower
send me a rose,
send me a ring
along with a propose.

Send me happiness
send me a kiss,
send me joy
cause only you I'll miss.

Send me love
send me you,
send me a hug
I'll be waitin for you.

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Take wat i give and be satisfied.
Stop with all the complaining cuz im gettin sick and tired.
Accept me for who i am and never try to judge.
Always be honest and don't even hold a grudge.
I know i made a mistake and im sorry for wat i did.
Im sorry for hurtin you and all the lies i hid.
I know its hard to trust me but try to let go of the past.
Lets start off fresh and see how long it'll last.
I promise to be faithful and stay by your side.
I will never cheat again thats one thing i have decided.
Now accept the new person that i have become.
Cuz the old unfaithful one is over and done.

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Take my hand and lead the way.
Lead me to happiness in every kind of way.
Take me to a world that's filled with love.
Let us fly away like a beautiful dove.
Take my love and put it with yours.
Put it in your heart and cherish it somemore.
Take me as i am and don't put me last.
Let us be together and let go of the past.
Always together is the way we should be.
But "love" is the word that describes you and me.

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I guess you never felt the way i did
you just kept things away from me hid.
But now isee you didn't love me so
I don't know what happned but time did show.
But now i believe things do change
you said you love me, ain't this strange?
You lied you cheated, you left me lost,
you ditch me you hurt me, hold on let's pause.
You told me you'll never do any of those things
but now i see "HURT" is what you had to bring.
I thought you loved me like you said
but i guess hate is what you meant instead.
I never thiught this would be
you being gone away from me.
The pain you caused just made me cry
I felt like i wanted to die inside.
You hurt me bad, you broke my heart
you were the one that tored us apart.
I got to move on and suffer the pain
I just got to accept this new change.
So this is the end of all my pain
you is the one that should feel ashamed. 

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