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I am smart, but I am kind. I hope my poems are what you wished to find.
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Tsuki was in severe pain. She had just been wounded in battle 30 minutes before. To make matters worse, she was also pregnant with her husband Hoshi's baby. She screamed out in pain and Hoshi rushed to her side saying, '' Love, what's wrong?!'' The doctor and nurses came in, asking Hoshi to wait outside the tent they were staying in. To Hoshi's dissapointment, this tent was sound-proof, and he wouldn't be able to hear his baby's first cry. Most of all, he wanted to be by his beloved wife's side when she gave birth her very first time. Sound proof or not, the tent door was cracked and he could hear Tsuki's crys of pain and her sobs. Then, all the sudden, all went silent...except for a baby's first cry. The doctor came out saying, '' Mr. Mizuki?'' ''Yes? What's wrong? I can't hear Tsuki anymore, is she okay?!'' Hoshi asked, fear and worry shining true in his voice. ''I'm so sorry, sir. Mrs. Mizuki...Well, come with me,'' he said, obviously very upset. This worried Hoshi more than before. Hoshi walked into the tent and saw Tsuki on a mat on the floor, covered up to her stomach, with their baby in her arms. She was still crying, but she had an oxygen mask on her face, muffleing her sobs, thus why it had gotten quiet a few moments before. Hoshi walked over to her and knelt by her side saying,'' She's beautiful, baby, but are you okay, love?'' She shook her head...No. The doctor came to his side, and said,'' Her wound to her chest cannot be repaired. She...'' He couldn't say the rest. This man had taken care of Tsuki all her life, and even gave Hoshi his blessings when they got mairried. Now, he had delivered her baby, and had to tell himself and Hoshi that she had only a few minutes to live. Hoshi knew what was about to be said, and couldn't help but break down and cry... Tsuki knew now what was wrong, for her beloved husband never cried unless something severely bad was happening, or has happened. She took the oxygen mask off her face, kissed her little baby's head, and said,'' My love...As my very last wish...Please, name her Tsukuyomi, after myself, so she may be blessed with my strength and beauty.'' '' My love, please don't say that, you're not going to die!'' Hoshi yelled, huging her carefully while still in tears. He was too late...The life was gone from her eyes, and she lay limp on her mat with her hand still holding Tsukuyomi to her chest. Tsukuyomi Mizuki...was dead.Hoshi couldn't help but cry harder now. His beloved wife was gone, and now he had to care for their only child on his own. ''Can I do this on my own? Can I raise her right? What should I do? How can I go on without Tsuki?'' So many questions were going through his mind right then, that he'd forgotten about Tsukuyomi in his wife's arms. Picking her up, he said,'' Your mother died for you, my little angel. Wear her name with pride, for it is her last wish for you to be named after her, so that you may be blessed with her beauty...and strength.'' Kneeling down, holding Tsukuyomi close to him, carefully, he wept in sorrow for his now dead wife. Tsukuyomi had been only 25. Hoshiyomi was 30 at this time...But, years later:''Daddy! I'm okay! Please don't worry, alright?'' said Tsukuyomi after she'd fallen off her very first bike at the age of 9. She got up and smiled, saying,''I'm not as weak as you thaught I was, am I, daddy? After all, I was blessed with mother's name right?'' Hoshiyomi laughed, and replied,'' Yes, my angel, you're stronger than I thaught you were, just like your mother was.''Years later, when Tsukuyomi was 25 herself, she had a child named Toki Mizuki. She, herself, had not gone into battle as her mother did, but her husband, sadly, had. He was never heard from again...Saddness was a part of her life, now, as well, just like her father. Her life was never the same....

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