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enjoy listening 2 music writing poems talking with ppl and meeting new ppl.
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Every now and then I think of you,

I feel my heart pounding for you,

Every times I’m near you I’m just so happy knowing your there,

Every time your far away with other people…it seems like an eternal nightmare,

I think I’m falling for you?..

But I’m not sure you fell the same,

I’ll take my chances with you,

I don’t care if you rejects how I feel for you… I just want to let you know that your really precious to me,

I’ll try to forget you but everything that I do reminds me of you,

The hardest thing for me is to let you go and go on with my life,

I cry myself to sleep thinking of how much I needed you,

My heart would ache just to be with you,

If I didn’t told you how I felt I would of never feel this pain,

Every time I see you now I just put a fake smile so you won’t know how much it hurts to lose someone you wanted so much.,

If you felt the same way as I did for you that would be a one wish come true

If you knew how hard and painful it is telling your heart that you weren’t the right guy for me…losing love

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I love you,I hate you,I love you,I hate you,Every time I hear you say, “I love you” I get butterflies in my stomach,Every time I hear you say, “I hate you” it breaks my heart into tiny pieces that no one can heal back,Why do I even chase after you if your not going to notice me,Why do I cry for you  if I’m just going to end up forgetting you,How many times do I need to fall for you,How many times does it take for us to work things out,I’m tired of getting heart broken,I’m tired of crying myself to sleep,I’m tired of you not wanting me for who I am,I’m just … tired of you,Why does it take me forever just to forget about you and move on with my life,How many times it take me to forget about you,I tried everything just so I can forget about you so I won’t have to suffer anymore,I cry as I stand watching you leave,I smiles as you walk back to me,All my illusions had fade away,I’m all alone in the darkness without a trace of light,No one can understand how I feet not even the closest people that knows me,*sigh*Everything just  fades away leaving it all dark,All this happened  cause  I fell for YOU!!bleeding heart

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I can't live with out you,I can’t eat cause you're all I think of,I can't sleep cause I can't stop thinking about you,I cry for  you to be right next to me, I cry myself to sleep knowing you're not here beside me holding me, I miss you when you're not around, I pretend everything is alright when its actually not,I don't look at you cause that's the last thing you’ll see if I leave for good,I’m quiet when your around so I won't hurt you,I love you so damn much!!You mean everything  to me!! You're my everythingEvery time I think of you.. every time I say or hear your name I get butterflies in my stomach.. I tried to ignore it but the feeling kept getting stronger,When I’m with you.. I’m safe.. I’m happy.. I get nervous sometimes.. But it all turns out fine I love it when your beside me even  though I ignore u.. even though its not going to last long..*sigh*But when your holding me it seems like it lasted a whole year and once u wrap your arms around me.. I just can't stop thinking of you,The most important thing in my life is having you,L    O        V            E  isn't about the hugs or kisses. Or the 'I Love Yous' Or 'I Miss Yous'. Its about the butterflies you get just thinking about Him/She,Love is like war, easy to begin but hard to end,Its easy to love someone so much but its harder to let go of themI don’t care what people say or do cause your the best thing that happened 2 meIll always love you even though we are or aren't together. I LOVE YOU!!emo couple

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