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I'm a Dark Light writer at heart. I'm not the brightest person on earth but I do have a very active mind. I love to write stories and hope that some day I will make a living out of it. =^^= My stories can be very Dark, but I write of all types of verity. and I only ever go on with a story if its reviewed, if I feel no one likes my work I don't bother. I hope you all enjoy my work. =^_^=
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I can't help it.

I'm sorry.

Sorry I want some one to vent to.

Someone to at least try to understand.

Someone I can talk to to cheer myself up.

I want to yell, and cry, and get everything out!

I can't stand it.

I feel I'm growing bitter each day.

And I'm sorry.


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You make it hard to love you.

It's true you know, we have told you before.

But you don't seem to care.

I don't understand, you clam to want to be loved, but your actions speak other wise.

Others say its because you don't feel loved you rebel, but what are we doing wrong that makes you feel that way?

You ask, we give, but when we give, you spit.

You curse at the ones who love you, what are we not doing?

Is it because we can't afford the biggest and best things TV shows you? Or the fact you have to make sacrifices to eat a healthy meal?

We give you a home, food, and not junk. We can't buy you the coolest toys, or games. But we can give you what you need-and we tell you we love you, we give you hugs, and kisses. Yet its never enough for you.

You whine your friend has a new Wii and we hate you because for your birthday we couldn't do much but get you a used and refurbished x-box, and not the 360 one you wanted.

You make it hard to love you because you seem to only give hate where we try to give you love. Why must you treat others like dirt? Why give such little to no respect to your elders?

You make grandma cry, you make grandpa feel hopeless in helping you grow to be a good man.

You make your mom mad and hurt, and your father, well he's just as bad as you. But unlike you your dad does not do it on purpose. You would be a bit bitter too if half your brain was fried and it made life harder for you.

No one beats you but I can't help but feel maybe we should. Other people would with a kid like you.

I know, I have talked to them.

But we wont-and maybe its a mistake--but your to old to be hit aren't you? At least the government thinks so, and calls it child abuse.

So we wont, but it doesn't make it any better on either of us.

Because I fear the older you get the worse you will also get.....

I just pray you don't stay this way....

We have enough bad people in the world,

I don't wish for you to be part of them.

A/N: True Story dealing with a family member.

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Aw, damn-it! Now I'm crying...Why can't I write good?I want to grow to become a great writer and have my books known through out the land, but I can't even spell right, little lone get my grammar correct. I can not do humor no matter how I try, and I can't even get my thoughts out to express my mind! I fail at horror, I fail at love, shoot I even fail at adventure stuff!I try to work hard and learn all I can, but even to this day I suck doing fanfiction! There is just no way I can become a great writer, its bad enough my vocationally is even so greatly limited.I can't do detail, or feelings, and fail at everything else in between. I can't get beautiful words out on paper, to make people fall in love with my stories either it seems.   Please lord in heaven, tell me why can't I write? No matter how I try and practice day to day, I still fail at everything I want to say!

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If you give me a chance, I can give you a break-I’ll always be there for you so far away!You decide to on the stay, I’ll give you a way…we can always be there together, til dusk until day!          please do not go, I still have more to say, I need you here with me at lest for today. Then when you wish you can leave me behind, I'll always be here for you no matter your mind. (its still in work but this is what I have so far-comments would be nice, I don't find reason to wirte if I think no one is reading)

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I am the yin & yang, the dark and light of your very soul.I know what makes you laugh, I know what makes you cry, I know your deepest fear and the greatest joy of your life. I'm the master of Darkness yet the master of Light. I stand by Gods side and even more when I die. I can make you want more or make you fear what's next, but there is nothing better then what meets the rest. I'm the writer you fear yet the writer you love; by the light of the moon and the light of the sun I'm the master of horror and the master of love. You say I'm evil and everyone else, who writes the darkest of depths and are due to hell. But I give you this poem or letter to say, it is not what you write that can give you such a way; it is only your heart and not much more no matter what the yoai or vore. But don't let that go to your head, but at the same time don't let it in soak into your skin.Most you may say are better by far, but I say to you are they true to their heart?And so it is said that anyone can write but a gifted few are the true stars of such light!And so I leave you with this statement and give you a thought, for who all can do, what most can not?.....

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Love is a funny thing...not like I know.My heart and mind are so screwed up I don't know rightfuly what love is.However, when one comes down to it,I do know and I long for it as well as have it.

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I had to cry again. Its hard in this time, not like before, when the sun would shine and the wind would blow. No its different now.

The clouds hide the light afraid of it reviling the world we live in, and I don’t blame it. I’d hid it all to, if I could.

Every one is down, its rare to find a smiling face, and if you are ever so lucky it will only be in a dream.

It doesn’t rain either, the sky is too proud to cry, but you know it wants to, just like the rest of us.

I saw you today. But you weren’t looking, but you were there and then gone in the mist of the daily fog that hides this place.

No one enters and no one leaves. Not like before.

No never like before…       

A/N: I wanted to ty my hand at somthing like this please tell me your thoughts. 

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You nip me, I nip you.you push me, I push you.To you this is a game, to me this is a normal day,how ever we take it, it is still all for play.I claw you, and you do the same, after all its all part of the game we play. now  you are down and I am on top, like Simba and Nala in a game so rough. with another bit and another nip you some how do a flip.now it is the other way around, but now matter what I will not go down. with another pounce and another leap I am victories this you just have to see.without a word you look at me, and with out the voice I still hear you speak, forever you are and forever will be, aways my friend and a well loved one to be.    

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Happy and sad mixed into one,

Yet here I am still feeling numb.

I have no life and have no time…

The days go by as if a fly.

I sit and type and wait for the day,

That one day my dreams will all fall into play.

Thou I have little to almost none, I still have fun and wait for the sun.

For my stories are small and full of pain, I hope someday all will say,

This story as changed me, it caused me to think, at just how sweet every moment can be.  


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My heart was brokenAnd the world at a new,I couldn’t have made it if it wasn’t for you.When life was heavy and my mind full of mush, You helped me pull out of the dust.For you I have so much to give, yet to you I have little to live.You helped me though all that I did, you said we’d be together until the end.A lie my heart believed, and thou it still dose you have gone and given your heart to another one.What did I do to lose such a gift? What did I not do to lose just a friend?And thou I still miss you and wish we would have made it, I still wish you and your new love the best of your wishes. My heart still has ties but some day you'll see, I’ll take the high path and give all I can be.For the road for me is still long, I must have to say, I’ve already stopped missing you, atleast for today.