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He offered me a ride

His smile was inviting, but I told him no

Even though I truly wanted to go

He begged, He pleaded

He told me it would be all right

And I shivered as I thought -It would be cold to walk home tonight

I knew he had been drinking

I could smell it on his breath

I knew it was a bad idea- drinking and driving led to death

I had heard all the stories

I had seen often the pressure of our peers

But still, I thought, he only had just a few beers

Come ON Clarissa! He said

Just get in the Car!

You are making a big deal, and it’s really not that far

You know I can control my alcohol

I’ve done it before

You know I’ve driven home even when I’ve drink’n more!

I looked at his face, and he looked back at me

I knew he was frustrated and it was my fault

But something in the back of my mind warned me by default

I knew it was the stories

The education I had received

Never drink and drive- they made me believe

Reckless driving is dangerous

And I decided right there in my mind

There was no way I was getting in that car even if he became unkind

I told him no- that’s my final answer

Now don’t try to argue to my face

You need to get out of the car too, let us just park it at this place

His look was incredulous

But my decision remained strong

I opened his car door and pulled on his arm

Lets just walk there- I said

We’ll make it there fast I am sure

I really don’t want you to drink and drive- there is only so much you can endure

He wasn’t happy about me pulling him from he car

But he followed me nonetheless

And in that moment- I knew I had not broken my own promise

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