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Im just trying to get back into the system. I've got over 50 poems and songs in here. And it won't let me in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Welcome friend, I bid to you.

Won’t you come on in?

I’m here to serve your decadence.

Your vices and your sins.

Have a drink and a seat.

Take a look around.

What ever your request may be.

I’m sure it can be found.

Please don’t stand out on my porch.

Come in from the rain.

I say again. Welcome friend.

To my house of pain.


So tell me friend, what would you like.

What do you have in mind?

I have every thing, that one may need.

No better, will you find.

No request will be denied.

Any order, I can fill.

Be it drugs, drink, or smoke.

And I have lots, of pretty pills.

I even have some lady friends, that will fulfill your wildest dreams.

What ever your tastes may be.

Be it passion or be it screams.

My friend, I’m not boasting.

Nor making fictitious claims.

My guests are always happy.

In my house of pain.


My friend you look so familiar, have we met before?

I don’t remember having you, knocking at my door.

You are unlike the others.

The way you move and how you dress.

I’m sure I would remember you.

You’re so different from the rest.

All my other customers, they all look the same.

I hope, I’m not being impolite.

But, may I ask your name?

My friend, I feel I must ask again.

In case, I wasn’t clear.

Tell me now, what is your name, and what brings you here?


His eyes looked right though me.

He said. Oh yes, we’ve met before.

I was here, with all that lost their lives.

After entering your door.

Oh yes, how well you know me, and of what I do.

I’m known to most as simply Death.

And this time, I’ve come for you.


To my horror, I realized, that this was no joke.

Nothing but the truth, was in every word he spoke.

He said, For years, your life has meant nothing.

Selling misery, to those in fear.

I hope you have prepared yourself.

For judgment day is here.

He placed his hand upon me.

I felt my life begin to drain.

Death had returned, for the final time.

To my house of pain…

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I need to find that someone.

Someone special, that wants to be.

A special kind of someone.

That’s only special for me.


It could be anyone.

That comes from any where.

But they have to be that someone.

That can show me, that they care.


It won’t take a PhD.

Or a college degree.

They only need a loving heart.

And a mind that’s free.


In the past, there were others.

Some tried to use control.

Some have tried to tame me.

Some tried to harness my soul.


All of them, did fail.

None could hold me long.

No matter how pretty the cage may be.

Any cage is wrong.


There must be someone, some where.

That could love for me.

Someone, that can recognize.

The someone special, that dwells in me…

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I spent last night in paradise.

I spent last night with you.

There is no better place to be.

In paradise, for two.


When ever I’m with you.

It’s like being in paradise.

Out side the weather is wet and cold.

But here in your arms, it’s warm and nice.


To see your smile, or hear your voice.

Warms my coldest day.

To feel your touch, is paradise.

Here is where I’ll stay.


If my day has been all gloomy.

You bring out the bright sun shine.

To me, you are my paradise.

I’m so glad your mine.


I don’t have any doubts.

Haven’t thought about it twice.

I want to spend the rest of my life.

Right here in paradise…


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The time just wasn’t right, for you and I.

You needed some one able.

On who you could rely.


We were lovers and good friends.

But we traveled different paths.

We both knew, it had to end.


I couldn’t be someone, you could rely.

There were to many other things.

I still wanted to try.


I didn’t want to make us, into some kind of lie.

The time wasn’t right.

For you and I.


As the years, moved slowly on.

We both found our dreams.

Thou mine, had come and gone.


Then I saw you, the other day.

To my surprise.

You had plenty to say.


We talked together, until you said good bye.

And I thought to myself.

Time was never right, for you and I.


Looking back on my years.

There is plenty I would change.

Mostly, all of my doubts and fears.


And maybe this time, I would open my eyes.

Think a little harder.

About, you and I…

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If you’ve done as I, and paid the cost.

When you’ve been as high as me.

After you have gained, all that I have lost.

Only then, you too might see.


When you’ve  nothing left to lose.

After every thing is gone.

Then it’s too late, for you to choose.

The path, you should have been on.


Through all of the lying.

Being sick for many years.

The times you thought you were dying.

And you’ve shed too many tears.


When an addiction controls your life.

And becomes your only friend.

Cost you, your home, kids and wife.

Maybe it’s time, for it to end.


If you have to choose.

Should I eat or get high?

Weather its drugs or booze.

It’s differently time to try.


Do you hear what I’m saying?

Is any of this, getting into your head?

If you don’t stop delaying.

Before long, you’ll be dead…

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I think it’s safe to say.

It’s the way you spend your days.

That’s driving a wedge, between you and me.

You’re never sitting still.

Your day planners always filled.

Some how, I’ve got to make you see.


Always places you need to be.

People you must see.

And the appointments, that you must keep.

You’re hardly ever home.

When you are, you’re on the phone.

You’re giving a little of yourself, to everybody else.

But you don’t leave nothing for me.


You can’t keep up this pace.

This is your life, not a race.

It’s going to kill you, if you don’t slow down.

You’re going to seal your fate.

If you don’t take a break.

You need to stop, and take a good look around.


What I’m trying to tell you.

Ignoring me, just won’t do.

Just tell me, if you want to be free.

If you don’t think a change is due.

Then I guess, that we are through.

Last place, is some where I won’t be.

Your giving a little of yourself, to everybody else.

But you don’t leave nothing for me…

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Lately there is this friction.

Between me and you.

You don’t like any thing I say.

I don’t like the things you do.


You think that you are all grown up.

Be able to do as you wish.

But, you constantly, prove you’re still a child.

By never considering the risks.


Telling us only half truths.

Sneaking around behind our backs.

Saying, you are treated unfairly.

When you’re caught in the act.


This friction, is getting worse.

Soon, there will be a spark.

Bringing a fire so intense.

It can melt your heart.


I know you are a teenager.

And you want to spread your wings.

But, as I’ve told you many times.

Trust can be a fleeting thing.


Maybe, it’s because I’m not there.

To show you the right path.

But if you don’t watch your ass.

You are going to feel my wrath.


I’m asking you for honesty.

And to remember your age.

You are only fifteen years.

You don’t belong on center stage.



You only have three years left.

In three years, you’ll be an adult.

But. If you don’t heed this warning.

I won’t be accountable, for the end results…


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This is my confession. The truth, is for you to decide. The confessions of a would be poet. Who’s ability has died. What began as an outlet for anger. At a world, I thought was wrong. A simple way to raise my spirits. A way to make me strong. When the darkness finally left me. And hope began to shine. I believed that I had something. I could say, was truly mine. I thought I had a talent. A gift, if you will. Like medicine, for all to read. But in truth, a sugar pill. My words are only words. On thoughts, and how I feel. There is no special talent. My words, can not heal. Now my words too, have left me. All my thoughts, have turned to dust. Like Dorothy’s hero, The Tin Woodsman. My poets heart, has begun to rust. I don’t think I had a real talent. I just put rhyme to words. Some were fair, some funny. But real talent, was never heard. So this is my confession. The truth, is for you to decide. Is this the confession, of a no talent poet? Who’s ability has died? I wish you all my best. And may life, treat you well. May happiness always be with you. And I wish you all. Farewell…

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Every single week. I put five dollars down. I’ve been playing religiously, as long as the lottery’s been around. Some one has to win. Some day, it will be me. Imagine what my life will be like. When I win the lottery. The first thing, I will do. Is to buy a car with class. A big shiny Cadillac. That uses lots of gas. Of course I have a mansion. A swimming pool, with a covered dome. It will be the house of my dreams. A triple wide mobile home. Everyone I know. Will be so envious of me. Not too long after. I win the lottery. Then I’ll find some place. Where I can lay butt naked on the beach. Have an ice cold beer. Always in my reach. With lots of beautiful women. Catering to me. Only have the very best. When I win the lottery. Patiently I wait, for those numbers to be called. I don’t believe it, I have three of those balls. Oh my God! That’s four and I get the rest. Suddenly I feel, this pain deep in my chest. That’s the way, it is bound to be. On that glorious day, I win the lottery…


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When she speaks, it’s clear as forever. When she smiles, I can feel at ease. When she walks, it’s poetry in motion. But when she cries, she cries for me. When she sings, it’s like morning in spring time. When she sighs, it’s like a summer breeze. When she laughs, it’s full of emotion. And when she cries, she cries for me. When she dreams, I’m the one she dreams of. When she calls, she calls to me. When she gives, I’m the one receiving. But when she cries, she cries for me. When she prays, her prayers are answered. When she’s in love, she loves completely When she hopes, it’s for salvation. Still when she cries, she cries for me. She doesn’t cry, from what the doctors told us. She doesn’t cry, to get sympathy. When she cries, she’s got good reason. Because when she cries, she cries for me. As she lives, it’s for the moment. And when she dies, her soul will be free. When she’s gone, I won’t go on without her. So that’s why, she cries for me…

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Heaven. Is waiting for you. Heaven. Is calling you name. You are so young, and so innocent. Heaven knows, you’re not to blame. The Good lord says, he needs you. To help him, with his plans. He needs you, to guild the others. So they can reach, the promise land. It’s unfair, to be taken so young. Away, from your family. But you must go, when heaven calls you. You must let, your soul go free. So sleep now, my weary angel. Lay down your head, and hold my hand. I will pray, with your hearts last beating. You’ll be soon, in the promise land. We will weep, at your passing. We will try, to be strong. We will try, to move forward. Knowing you’re in heaven. Where you belong…

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This is about, and for a friend of mine. Who at one time gave her daughter up for adoption. And the twenty year search, she went through to find her again... So many years have gone by. So many tears, that I have cried. Spent my days, wondering where you might be. Never knowing if you were sick or well. For two decades, I went through hell. But, at night when I went to sleep. I would see you in my dreams. Spent twenty years looking for you. I tried everything, that I could do. Life is never perfect, as it seems. That decision still haunts me today. The hardest one that I ever made. But I knew, even as they took you away. I would see you in my dreams. I kept searching, for all these years. Many times, frustrated to tears. Then that day, the telephone rings. Now I’m dancing on cloud nine. I’m finally meeting that little darling of mine. I am actually going to meet. The person, in my dreams…

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