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.....a soft heart with so much emotion.....a witty mind cares for every action.....a simple girl to remember.....a friend forever.....
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Couldn't believe I embrace this moment
Meeting someone whose Heavensent
To make my world most enjoyable
Living my life to deepen my soul

Couldn't imagine it was for real
A part of story I almost feel
Long ago it plays on my mind
But fate turns and was so kind

I had love you from my past
My feelings shouted at last
You catch me and lead my heart
With a promise that you'll never torn it apart

Whisphering the word I wanna hear
Showing me how you truly care
Make me feel loved and fully blessed
You made come true my long time wish.


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Dont take for granted what they say
When they try to judge you everyday
They really dont know the real you
And what circumstances you've been into

They can utter some unpleasant word
But they can't ruin your good attitude
An act of kindness is a better reply
Even though they keep on telling lies

To see you down is what they wish
Be strong and show them peace
Don't ever think to give them revenge
Just stay humble and be yourself

No matter how my times they become bad
No need to worry and no room to be sad
The goodness of your heart that they can't see
At the end of the day, you still have ME...


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BOY, look at me now
The girl you left somehow
The girl who haven't anything but pure heart
The girl who wish that love not end in dot.

BOY, can you see
How I became happy
How you make me stronger
By hurting me thru the year

BOY I enjoy my freedom
After you left I have more fun
To do things on my own
To live my life alone.

BOY, I easily forget
That once in my lifetime we've met
No matter how I treat you kind
You always leaving me behind.


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Facing the gloomy side of solitude
Makes me scary and felt tortured
By the cruelty of love once I had
Now it's gone and come to fade..

To the world of brokenhearted I saw myself
Awaken by the midnight's unending weep
The wall of darkness covering my soul
Trying to move on as part of my goal..

On the tip of my mind I was longing for you
But reality persist that I have to let you go
Never mind the sadness I bear from within
Somehow, there's a good reason for this pain..

I was broken but it won't last long
Coz I know the reason couldn't be wrong
Heartbreak saved me from the wrong one
So that I can embrace the much deserving man!!!!


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Unstoppable rain on their face
Every corner they were searching for peace
Hopeless centered their mind
asking why they were treating unkind

Look at the innocent child
Facing the world's so wild
Trying to conquer their fear
Hoping ahead for a better year

Come lets build a helping hand
each of us can make a good change
For them to live in a better place
With full of love and avoidance of solace

A helping hand, a tower we can make
For the future of tommorow's sake
Love and support is what they need
In the road of war they must be freed

Come and join to paint a good vision
Let's act together for the benefit of entire nation
We can be ONE and be everybody's friend
by our unselfish effort and with our helping hand.....



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All this year I been waiting
For someone to show me everything
Bout LOVE, a special feeling
that took so long before I got the meaning

Living in the world of solitude
Was so hard to maintain my attitude
Then YOU walk in to my life
To give some love and share a light

You become an answer to my prayer
Everyday YOU makes my day brighter
For each vibrant of LOVE YOU give
With YOU forever I desire to live

For me you're not only a lover
But I rather call YOU as my partner
For each LOVE I felt from you everyday
I'm yours forever is all I can say...


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Been long time since you left
All our memories I can't forget
Good or bad still on my mind
Maybe I'm just hoping for rewind

How can I let go of your feelings?
When my heart say's it's you I'm longing
How can I drift the hurt within?
When I still love you even in pain

Am I just dreaming of you?
That second chance for us will do
But where are you to grant my wish
When your happy now with someone else....



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One sad irony of self is....

We always know what's RIGHT for others.......

While there are certain WRONG things we pursue on our own....


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I could hardly believe the glimpse of shattered piece
When I saw you again and look into your face
there it seems painted a life's unfulfilled
a downfall of dreams you had started to build

I saw you smiling and give me a deep sigh
Hug me for a while then you started to cry
You find it hard to voice out your pain
But I know somethingg wrong coz i felt it from within

I am your friend I know you ever since
I found in you a fighter who knows how to win
Yet I was amaze for what I have seen
My fighter friend now dwelling in dim

Take me into your world of challenge
Together we'll fight for a better change
I may not good enough to help you all the way
But I'll stand beside you each and everyday

In a loop of darkness, I'll be your light
against your battle, let me spearhead your fight
No need to worry I'll help you back to shine
I'll share my life with till you become fine.....


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1. Sometimes, you have to accept the fact that some people are going to stay in your heart
     forever...even if you are gone in theirs.

2.  It's easy to form an attachment to people and things. When yuo've formed an attachment to
    people and things, it can be a very painful experience and feelings when you realized that it's 
    time to let go. Even the mere thought of not having that person or thing in your life just squeezes
    your heart in pain.

3.  No matter how crazy and funny the scenes around you, they are useless without the person you
    want to laugh with.....



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You teach me how to fly
To reach the vastness of sky
bit afraid for a little while
yet you lifted me so high

Was it just a dream?
The sky began to dim
Can't able to fly again
Now it was hard to attain

Wake me up into reality
Im not dreaming like I used to be
No more hero on my side
I'm fallin' deeply I confide

How to avoid the freedom to fly
When my hero left me with goodbye
Is it risky to keep on flying.....?
If what I have is just a broken wings......


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In you I thought I found new life
Someone who can turn black into white
But I was wrong as you play around
You just left me alone in the ground

Those promises that was made before
An eyeopener worth waiting for
Yet this thing now hard to realize
You broke my heart by playing disguise

Thanks for the time you spent on me
I'll cherish it on my life's journey
Though we can't make it till the end
I'm still here if you need a friend...


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