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Lookin 4 love but it keeps hurtin me everytime i find it slips out of my grasp some how!!!!
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 Therez sumthin about boiiz that juss goez 2 heart but only wit sum ppl… 2 ppl can be thoughtful and caring but I’ll only notice it in 1 of them… 2 ppl can claim they love me but I only listen 2 1 wen I shouldn’t listen 2 NE of them cuz there juss messin wit my mind… He dont even have 2 love me and I still love him… He don’t gotta be here 4 me but im still here 4 him…  He don’t gotta talk 2 me but I still try 2 talk 2 him… NE way i can talk 2 him iz taken and used without a thought…He Don’t gotta look at me and I still look at him… He don’t even have 2 notice that I’m here waiting 4 him but I will be… He don’t gotta be thinking about me but im still thinking bout him… He don’t gotta blow kizzez at me but I’m still blowin kizzez at him…



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So i go out wit thiz boii... I lyk my ex... I told my boii that i lyk my ex and he didn't care... How do u go out wit sum1 wen ur in love how do u juss say yes wen u want ur ex????


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Therez gonna be trouble in the future so no mater wat happenz there will alwayz be som1 there 4 u

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if i lyk an 1 of my exez i dont know if he lykz me back!!! should i ask him if he still lykz me?????

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U dont kno wat itz lyk 2 love u
U dont kno wat iz lyk 2 hug u
And u don't kno wat itz lyk
2 be me lookin at u
Juss lyk idk wat itz lyk 2
Be u lookin at me
I'm hopin the feelinz are the same
So we can be
If they are
Dont play with my mynd
Cuz true love
I can not easily fynd
Don't be playin no gamez
Cuz thiz moment will not last
So tell me u love me
And tell me fast

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Don't judge me 2morrow
By the way I'm actin 2 day
And if u do u should kno
I'm not alwayz thiz way
If you think lOve iz a game
Boy I'm not gonna play
I'll pick a different path
I'll go a different way
Choose the right path
And don't change your mind
I'm facing the world
And doing juss fyn!!!

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Chorus-> Never say you’ll be there

                If you don’t really care

                 Never talk about the feelings

                 If they aren’t really there

                 Never say the word love

                 If you don’t know what it means

Verse1-> We never talk to each other and show our love

                 Is there really something there or are you

                 Just acting like you care

               Cuz if you are

      It would break my heart

                I don’t need it

                So don’t even start


Verse2-> I’ve been waiting for somebody

                To hold and cherish me

                 The time I knew it was all

                 Meant to be

                 I thought that time was now

                 But I found out somehow

                 You don’t feel that way

                 You’ll never love me the way you say


Bridge-> I told you to…

               Never hold my hand, if you’re gonna break my heart

                Never say you’re going to, If you don’t plan to start

                Never look into my eyes, if all you do is lie

                Never say hi, if you really mean goodbye

               If you really mean together

                Then say you will try

                But never say forever

               Because forever makes me cry


Rap-> You say you know what love is

Then what does it mean

I’ll tell you what it is

It’s when I can’t go to sleep

Because reality is better than a dream

It’s me crying every night

Because I know you’re not true

It’s me trying to fight for you

When I know I won’t make it through

I hope you could find love in some other girl

Because I’m through with you!!


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each tym I hear your voice
I can't help it
It's not by choice
My heart beats faster,
My knees get weak,
My stomach gets butterflies,
I can hardly speak.
Every minute feels like brand new
I can't help it
I'm falling for you.

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I fell once, nobody caught me.
I fell twice, and still, no one there.
I fell a third time, think I bruised my tail bone!
I keep falling down, and I keep getting hurt.
I think the real problem is that,
I still can't find someone that is actually willing to catch me...
Are you willing to catch me??

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           I wanna be your queen
if your willing to be my king
i wanna be your present
if your willing to unwrap it and open it up
i wanna be your key
as long as its for your heart
i wanna be real in your eyes
as long as your willing to believe
i want you to be my fairytale prince
if your willing to sweep me off my feet
and i wouldn't mind being the ugly duckling
as long as i know in your mind you think of me
as a beautiful SWAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!










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Im tryna be perfect but how can I ??? IDK who I am or who I wanna be!! My mom died, IDK ny dad  and therez secrets about my parents that IDK. Nobody understandz anything about me. Wat I want  and need…but I don’t understand either. IDK wat ppl see in me. . I don’t believe in love only with frendz cuz if  my dad can walk out then family love failz  Cry

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Wit every raindrop comez a tear.
Wit every tear comez a memory.
Wit every memory comez a feelin.
Weather you'll cry or laugh you never kno.
Take the chance and step into the rain.
'Cuz it might be your last time to feel that way

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