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I am 16 =] i am fun to be with =] "Always fight for what you believe in, not what you think is right." Quote by me (Brenden)
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I know that it has been a very longtime coming since i last wrote anythinghere. I just wanted to say that now i am in the perfect relationship with a girlmy friend introduced me to called Tiger.She is soo loving and caring, compassionate.She is my rock, my best friend. She helpsme up when i am feeling down, she puts a big smile on my face, and i never want to lose her. I love her with everything i have.Thankyou tiger, you have given me backmy life again.I love you

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if you dont love a person for who they areyou dont love them at alllove them for who that arenot what you want thwm to be 

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always fight for those you love  , not with themalways fight for what you belive, not what you think is rightalways be there for family, friends and lovers

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Coolalways fight for what you believe in, not what you think is right

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sad-face-small.jpgsad-face-small.jpgWhy oh why is life so mean?

Why oh why aren’t I seen

You and your friends I used to see,

So why do they always see through me?

I used to be there and you never were,

Now this anger is like a spur.

I was your chum,

But now I’m a bum

The joy I once had,

Well now I’m just sad,

My mind is now dark,

And so goes my spark

There is one thing left to say today

And that is,

 Why oh why?sad-face-small.jpgsad-face-small.jpg


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This here is what I said to my girlfriend when we started seeing each other. We have been together ever since.

Never lie, steal, cheat, or drink.But if you must lie,

Lie in the arms of the one you love.If you must steal,

Steal away from bad company.If you must cheat, cheat death.

And if you must drink...


Drink in the moments


That take your breath away.




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Into the Land of the Shadow

When a friend tries and tries,

And eventually dies,

The joy they once bought,

Is now just a thought.

They way they could be,

Well now we can’t see,

Because they have travelled,

Into the land of the shadows.


You were there from the start,

But now you must part.

There weren’t ever but’s,

Just all those cuts,

You always tried,

But now they have died,

And gone,

Into the land of the shadows.


Their life so short,

Is now another thought

They used to be happy,

But now they feel crappy,

In the land of the shadows



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Wanting Acceptance

I have never really fitted in with everyday life. I have not figured out why or for what reason. But one thing I know is that I want acceptance. Maybe it is my destiny not to fit in, or maybe it was God making me like this. Whatever the reasons I can only trust they were for my own good. And also whatever the reasons I cannot change the way I am. Not for anybody. I am who I am and I am proud of it.

People have called me stupid ever since I started school, or they would call me poor because of the way I dressed. I didn’t care what those people thought about me. I used their insults to make me stronger and prouder of myself. The other kid’s never picked me until last to be on their sports team. But if I was picked as a captain I would always pick them.

People have always tried to fight me but what is the point of conflict without a good reason. The only time I fight, is to fight for life and fight for survival. There would only be one other thing that I would fight for and that is for the people I love, family, friends, and other loved ones. People say we all should fight for humanity. If there wasn’t so much war in the world we wouldn’t have to would we?

Can any one answer my question of why I have never fitted in to everyday life? Is it destiny, the way God made me, or something that I have done or am doing?

It is not that I am afraid of or fear being alone it is the fact that there are only three people in the world who actually do accept me for who I am, they are my grandparents and I. Everybody else thinks they accept me but they don’t because they want something in me to change so that I can be who they want me to be. Not who I want to be.

So if you can answer that and make me fit in with someone other than my closest family, please tell me.


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We are all equal.In a relationship people always say that one person is more dominant over the other, or that one is the boss.To give it to you all out that think that, you are all wrong. There is no boss in a perfect or even a good relationship because god crated us all equally. It is that some of are better suited to things than others.

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The Wonders Of Life

There are many wondrous things of life,

Some are bright, and some are strife.

With life there come’s the ups and downs,

The ones to make you smile,

The ones that make you frown.

Life is such as joyous thing,

So much so the birds will sing.

Why oh why is there war,

And why are there people poor,

With the poor there are the rich,

But they’re the ones that make life a bitch.



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I loved you then,

I love you now,

I never knew why,

I never knew how.


I’ll love you tomorrow,

I love you today,

Even through times of sorrow,

Our love shall not sway.


These happy times I will cherish,

Our love will not perish,

For you and I were meant to be,

And only a blind man could not see,

That it is not you or I,

It is we.

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We Loved each other

You loved me and I loved you

What else could we do?

We loved each other


You loved me from the start,

Then we realised we wouldn’t part,

Because we loved each other


Through the good times and bad

We are together so we should be glad,

That we love each other.

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