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I am a mother of two, a lover and a hopeless romantic.
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She sits alone, afraid to go home, remembering him walking away.  For her pain it’s too deep alone she just sits and weeps. It’s just a sad story you see of two lost souls not meant to be. Her pain in time will fade, another lesson learned they say. This time she should have known better, or so she thinks. Looking for love, all alone she prays to the lord above to make her happy in life. Send me someone that will love me for me, make me believe that things were meant to be. I am done believing in fate; all I’ve done is made mistakes. I’m done with all this pain. Stone cold heart, her world is torn apart. What more can she say. No words that she can think of will take the pain away. He just wasn’t right for you, your love he would never fight for. True love never exists, this pain this heartache, there has to be more than this. She decides if she can’t live without him, she can’t live. So she plans her way out; Death. Her love is what killed her. There will never be anyone that can fully heal her. Now it’s just her and her emotions, too far out of the way to control them. She reaches for that bottle knowing, there’s no turning back from here.  Just one quick tip and my pain will subside, I have nothing left to live for; she feels her insides dying. That love she had was mistaken, her last breath she’s taken. To have once loved, but never be loved again.  Pain in her chest, her lungs caving in.  All this love she had to give, all this joy he’ll never see, now it’s a race against the clock, struggling to breathe, she thinks she’ll be free knowing soon it will be her turn to go. All those who she knew will have lost the good person they loved, the joy they have come to know. All over some man who never gave a damn, who never gave her the time of day. She sits alone, cold in a home where she knew he could never stay. She thinks with the one last thought, if he would have loved me it would have never been this way……As she sits there dying her tears are now falling, as the walls are caving in. Knowing that soon they will find her, she can now leave her past behind her, she slowly fades away.

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