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I know what bird I want singing next to me through life .

"The Bird of Happiness and Bliss"




How many really want it and what is there perception of it"LOVE"? I Think that People think quite differently about it One persons love is when they are happy and comfortable in there surroundings,there job there home or mate they sometimes may complain about but when it's gone they would say "they loved that job".....another perception might be worship.... a god,goddess, or an object they value highly.....there are plenty more views I'm sure like a state of ecstasy,nirvana, or for instance...There was one point in my life I was in a special place at a very special time surrounded by nothing but the highest vibrations of happiness surrounded by tens of thousands of people all on there feet all screaming making as much noise as there body's could in appreciation of this time and this place we were in I was dead center of that huge mass of people there energy was focused in my direction and right in front of me the source and reason for this gathering the source was also in this ecstatic state of awe at the mass hysterical joy of it all so it bounced right back at me ...,all of that energy.... and for a few minutes ..I saw a mandala in front of me a moving multi colored mandala doorway or portal with the symbol of a heart in the center of this translucent "doorway" is the best way I can now describe it but it WAS indescribable no words could capture its elegance and mystery and oh so obvious simpleness it was just so easy and just like always there but we cannot see it it's all knowing "LOVE" I think I needed to capture it to describe it so I think I would say it is a doorway into another dimension that IS around us constantly but we cannot perceive with our rationality.The Door of Perception.......I was in bliss for days and felt a massive load had been taken off of my back I had been carrying for many years.
My back IS now breaking with a far heavier load and many more years have past since that glorious revelation. I need to loose it.soon.......................................................................

The problem is we cannot make this happen....I know the cure....I cannot make it just has to come on it's own naturally.




Right now? or for the future?or a view as a whole in a nutshell? it varies.....get to know me and see I am serious about having fun while living the rest of "OUR" lives together producing far beyond our original projected plans , and goals , and watching the team take the ball and run with it.Turning the tables and spinning the wheels and catching the groove.
Be honest about your need for love. Don’t give up searching for the other half. ...`~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I have had ADHD my entire life and it brought on Fibromyalgia probably earlier than normal for most people who unfortunately have it .I've been a very physical person most of my life I'm still not sure if that's a good thing or if it's taken it's toll.Life's been a roller coaster of incredibly wonderful fortune for me both monetarily and spiritually and at times I'm VERY intuitive and clairvoyant ..flash visions out of nowhere and other times things just fly right over my head.
I love to build with wood and repair things that are broken.
I'm very resourceful and don't pay $20 grand for a new redwood deck I can build myself for $500.That way of thinking about sums up my capabilities when I go "Shopping"
Quality for less $ these days is the way to survive.

_./'\._ ¸¸..•¤**¤•.¸.•¤**¤•…... _./'\._
*•. .•* ~~~ Alias Temple ~~~ *•. .•*
/.•*• \ ♥¸..•¤**¤•., .•¤**¤•.*.*/.•*•.\
¸.·´¸.·´¨) ¸.·*¨)
(¸.·´ (¸.·´ .·´ ¸¸.·¨¯`· .. .~*
What I’m doing with my life
Thinking about how I'd love to own a few acres like I did a few years ago. How I'd like to fix it up rebuild, restore and ad onto it.
Upturn and build up some rich soil and grow some prize tomatoes and pole beans and cuce's and zuke's ,eggplants and peppers.
maybe have a son someday or a dog named pepper .Drink some red wine and roll in the grass or hike up the mountain a mile and go skinny dipping with my wife.Thinking about how much I miss and how alone I am here these days and nights has gotten me very down.....I would love company...It's hard to wait for the "one" and when you finally find her after years of searching it's even worst to be ignored : (

"To l♥ve and be l♥ved is to feel the sun from both sides."

I like to work hard and have my whole life. I know that relationships have there up's and downs and I realize that even or sometimes the hardest parts later on seem like the best when you look back upon the good old days because these are the good old days.
I’m really good at
Building computers,fixing computers with problems,building things with wood and or helping to restore them...including but not limited too Redwood Decks,Fences and Retaining Walls and any general handyman or repairman work and troubleshooting I build things sturdy and to last. Landscaping (all types) and tree trimming and was a foreman of a tree crew for a couple of years and know chainsaws.Also cooking,I was a cook and Chef at many different times of my life at one point a brunch Chef for ten years at a very nice place with an excellent employer.I also had my own quartz crystal mine in Arkansas and also used to dig in Nevada quite often ...I have a natural knack of being drawn to things people overlook or don't believe possibly exists, like l♥ve......These days I enjoy cooking at home and with a partner that I hope to find soon.I love healthy and hearty meals raw vegi's and yes I eat meat!
Let's seee hmmm there are many things I'm very good at...
I am a multifaceted man of many talents .With much experience. Who also loves to learn and would never pretend I know it all ..but takes pride in most of what I do.....just ask if you have something you would like to know if I am good at. Ask anything at all.
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The Fabric of Life

In The Name of The Lamb

Like A Tiny Grain

On The Shore

In The Sand

The Tapestry of The Quilt

Is The Mandala of Man

In The Center

Of The Universe

The Creation of Land

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"Hello My Dear"Many at times start to say
when writing emails from far away

Please reply me to this email (comes next)
(within these

My name not that important (because I am a lie)
I am only here to trick you into thinking
that I have (the fear of GOD in my side)

Not much further will you have to read.
Before you realize I am only searching
for gullible ones (to milk and bleed)

If they believe I am writing to them
thinking that I am a beautiful "hi1234"
Hoping that everything is okay
by the grace of GOD displaying before
deciding they want a good friendship with me
and I should buy them like some broke whore.

Because it is the "LOVE" that they pretend they
are seeking to give (if we are fools enough to believe there sin)
Then continue on to say they ....
".i belive we can establishe a long lasting relation ship with you."
after the lie that they have became interested in you
while reading you at (

Because is it not obvious that every email I've gotten
on this website has been from a spammer con email
(I have not forgotten)
About the thousands and thousands I've received all these years
The same old same old format Nigerian chain letter brings tears

This site I presume was built for creativity
that comes from true hearts worn from sometimes sleeves

Not the thief that only targets your wallet
or purses or even your bra where your money sticky fingers target

But Remember the distance, color or age
does not matter but love matters allot in life
So don't use your brains
when you think about how it might have felt

When they tell you that all there jewelery
they were robbed from back at there hotel

On the trip from your hometown to an east African city
To witness dear fathers funeral isn't it a poor pity

People play upon the innocent by trying to rob them blind
backstabbing even old ladies who have been good there whole lives

working so hard minimum wave at the corner store
day after day never late and there credit not a bad score

Until some greedy con non artist as I see them
an artist has a true and real heart not a vulture like them

I understand that life is hard every one must be careful
but please think of others and walk through life

Without lying to the innocent while feeding them your lies

, ,

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Rainbows of Light

Rainbows of Light
riding sunbeams down
into my eyes
that blind me

Show me the truth
of life that I see
time after time to be

Sure are the feelings
that always to come to be
shown with flash vision
in my mind to see

If you only knew
what I know would be
life would be rich
as it should be

Meld in my head
your mind with mine
then you will find
true peace so kind

Words cant express
such happiness
as it was meant
but you turn you back to me

Those who believe
and can conceive
Of life in a better place

Open the mind
and see with third eye
how making change
for all is in store

For it soon to be true
all will see even you
no more backs can turn

The other way
leaving hearts in dismay
Be true to all
instead of just one
or two it may be
please wont you see
for all we must live
share with and give
with smile of life
that we bring to light
tears of joy will rain
through space travel above
to the place that we love
Minds on pillows
roll out the carpets
of the life
let them be the lives
that true site seers see

©2009 ~aliast


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Time without a clock

Swallowed in prisons
of those that we not condemn
weak waiting in dreams
images of promised lands

We spoke of with truth

not so long ago
when kisses of bliss flowed
milk and honey dream

Just within grasp
blow away winds that change
life desires ash and dust

Cold cement walls
floors worn tears fall
rough not smooth
rivers that flow within

Those cells echo sound
in the chambers
of my heart they play
aimlessly wondering
within my mind they remain

This future could have had
now left sad to escape
we soon must plot

Until then in your garden I spend
time without a clock

©2009 ~aliast

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There is Hope

Life is it failure
without love is the sailor

Deep within the Sea I lie
watching boats passing bye

Testicles in pain
Octavius rips free
from the vice that kills you and me
slaves to hatred of the laws
bound in depths arms so long

Dancing souls muddy Death
deep the Oceans of tears wept
to the time Augustus rain
sweet drops of freedom hearts sing again

Laughter songs or of blue melody's
All minds know of these
Times hatred rules the land
hollow void barbwire sharp
Sea urchins crawl over rocks of truth
That reveal white sheets worn

Burning timber in the South
extinguish your flames without doubt

See the light crystal blue
Butterflies bring new thought born
in your mind a new day
sleep and rest without fear
sheets will float rainbows of life

Feel the warmth sun shines though
to the sailor waiting for you
rise up in joy thunder crashes
waves in sands toes tickle
my smile on yours our hearts embrace

laced with love kiss and tongue
in our heads will be song they sung
speak the language we long to hear

Never again to live with fear

©2009 ~aliast



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I see in my own shadows

Unafraid of Lions I make them purr
and I see in my own shadows
While they feast upon the stallions meat

Torn souls the hearts of humans
The fragrance  of Roses and Angels
rises  through her feathers shuffling
the lions paws as he eats her

I could see you again and again
and talk with you
walk in your fair garden while we grow
share your wine
short while in your company,
a speck in sands of time
a lifetime of regret
love lost without the flight
within conversations
and a life

A floating raft
on a desolate Sea
a glimpse of hope lies within me
or was it real did it exist
loving light kisses of bliss

Rescue me on your ship
fly me to nights like this

To feast upon  gardens flavor
your loving light I long to savor

Bounty green and gold the thought
the wings and arms your garden brought
Filled with content I fell to sleep
Heavenly bliss
now my heart weeps

©2009 ~aliast

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©2009 ~aliast


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She whipped him with glances

as her eyes looked up at him reaping

savoring the taste of his attention

while she sucked her ball point pen

The chains of her DNA construct her delinquencies

they lay out before him in waiting of the discipline

his blood boils to give her endlessly

His desk is hot and hard squeaks and breaks

her polished nails her gripping the edges

for more thrust of his lessens she

could kill with looks to receive

The Professor bites the ripe red apple

she gives him rising into the air it trembles

beads of sweat run onto his tongue he eagerly laps up

it's juicy ripe flavor pungent sweet tart living flesh

Taking it she gives it to him willingly

and loves the class he gives private alone

for her


but not erasers

the lessons of the teacher will live

in the brink on the edges threshold

of her minds thoughts

before orgasms deep sleep

In her elder years she remembers

the evenings of yesteryear

When class was made

and she is thankful

She had the education it provided

©2009 ~aliast

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