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I am who I am
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People who made me laugh everyday, TY.

People who made me happy everyday, TY.

People who inspired me everyday, TY.

People who never get tired asking me "how are you?", TY.

People who always have time and never get tired of me, TY.

People who always remember small details about me, TY.

People who appreciated my works, TY.

People who always listen with my pain, TY.

People who are my real friends, TY.

People who knew my silent remorse, TY

People who knew there's something wrong with me and gave time to send pm, asking "are you ok?", TY.

People who always pray for me, TY.

People who always love me, TY.

People who keep on guessing what happened to me and have the guts to asked, TY.

People who never get tired of sending SMS, TY.

People who hates me, TY.

People cursed me, Ty.

People who loves their family, TY.

People who loves their pet, TY.

People who are aware with things, TY.

People who pray not only for themselves but for all living things and other people, TY.

People who value the words, right and wrong, TY.

People who always asked mercy and forgiveness, TY.

People who always give and never take, TY.

People who love God, TY.

People who beyond words and beyond time I LOVE MOST, TY.


Thank You GOD for being with me always.

I'm sorry for not being me when someone asked if I'm OK.

I'm sorry for lying, somethings are just better said...unsaid.

I'm sorry for causing too much trouble.

I'm sorry for being a burdens.

I'm sorry if I'm not a good daughter, sister and friend.

I'm sorry if I'm not a good lover.

I'm sorry if I didn't fight something I knew was right.

I'm sorry for all the things I've done and made someone unhappy.

I'm sorry if I can't live much long.

I'm sorry for not being part of someone's life.

I'm sorry if I can no longer fulfill all my purpose in life

and I'm sorry if sometimes I have no faith in God

I'm sorry...I'm sorry.

Things I'd rather leave in silence...

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