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Love never dies... until we kill it...
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If you want to live happily

Ignore everything…

Never wonder…

Learn how to flee…

And learn how to surrender

If you want to live effectively

Walk your way until the end

Never give up your dreams

You will reach your destination someday

No matter how big the challenge seems

Let your feelings guide your steps

Regardless of what others may say

For no one knows you as you do

And no one will accompany you all the way

Never allow the clouds

To block your shining sun

Enjoy the achievements of today

And forget what has gone

Even if your world looks gloomy…

Everything there is falling apart

Someone will light up a candle …

Will awaken hope in your heart

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Why can not life be perfect?
Why can`t we always get what we want..
Or accept what we get?

Why does happiness come surrounded by sorrow?
And why do we always have to worry about tomorrow?

Why are there always eyes full of tears?
Why are there always hearts full of fears?

Why is there behind every bright smile, sadness?
Why is there behind every meek beauty, wildness?

Why is good so rare?
Why does evil exist everywhere?

Why do we always have unreached goal…
Untold emoation…
Or emptiness in the soul?

Why can pain forever last?
While joy fades away so fast?

Why does the sun always have to set?
Why do we always have to lose again…
The precious things that we get?

Why can even love cause us pain?
Why is it so easy to lose…
And so hard to gain?

Why can`t we always say the truth…
While we can always lie?
Why is it so hard to live…
And so easy to die?

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I want to admit
That I have  loved you from the first sight
I want to admit
That I do think about you day and night
I want to admit
That I am ready to fight the whole world for your sake
I want to admit
That I will wait for you no matter how long that will take

Yes, I love you so very much
Yes, I think of you day and night
I do not care if that is wrong
And I do not want to make it right

Please do not talk about any difference
Please forget about the long distance
For your eyes I would sacrifice my soul
For your smile I would give my all

I would give up the love,
If my heart beats were not for you
And if you were not the one I live for,
I would give up my life too

I will always love you
I will always try
Cause" no goal is too distant
And no star is too high"

Written by A.H.Zedan

Submitted by A.H.Zedan

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Although you are not by my side Your image is graven in my mind And although we are apart Your love occupies all my heartThe beauty of your smile Makes me live again It brings me the happiness It takes away my pain The charm of your existence Shows me everything sweet I forget the ugliness of the world When I remember that we will meet The magic of your words Always inspires me Teaches me how to try Teaches me how to be I do not think you are just a woman You are a beautiful angel When there is despair, you are the hope And when there is darkness, you are the candle.

Written by A.H.Zedan
Submitted by A.H.Zedan

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I want to whisper into your ears I want to tell you so many things I want you to know That you are in my life the breeze, And the sweet memories I have Are only those your love brings. When you had come into my life All the other girls became the same You’ve occupied all my heart As if you were a beautiful picture And my heart was the frame. You are the most precious gift That heaven can ever send Your love was the beginning of my life And I promise Your love will be the end.
Written by A.H.Zedan
Submitted by A.H.Zedan

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(1) Do you know Syria, "The largest small country in the world"? It is a small beautiful country Which is threatened to be destroyed. (2) O Syria, "the cradle of civilizations", The conscience has died The people now... Are no more than animations. (3) But don't cry Syria... We'll defend your earth, sea, sky... We will defend them all Your tears are precious, We won’t let them fall. (4) We are ready for everything, For death, suffering and jail. Syria is an unique jewel And our jewel is not for sale. (5) When will the peace exist? When will the wars die? When will the rockets pass away... And the white doves fly?
Written by A.H.Zedan
Submitted by A.H.Zedan

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Don’t think that I am alive
That is just a big lie
I wasn’t born to live
I was born to die

I’ve cried so much
And now I don't have any more tears
I’ve worried so much
And I always get more and more fears

I look for delight but I find sadness
I look for a light but I find darkness
I look for a flower but I find a knife
I’ll look for death I might find a life

Don’t be sad
When you know that I have died
Please don’t cry so hard
And when my ‘deathday’ comes
Don’t forget
To send to me a ‘birthday’ greeting card

Written by A.H.Zedan

Submitted by A.H.Zedan

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I don’t know what to write
I don’t know what to say
I want to tell you that I love you
But still can’t find the way

I want to tell you…
That you are the most beautiful girl
I have  ever met
And that you are the one
I will never forget

I want tell you
That I will give you my all
My love, my care…
My heart and soul

I could never believe
That you are  gone.
I am wondering...
How my life would be
If I lost the sun!

So Please…
Stay here by my side,
I am so lost
And you are my only guide.

Written by A.H.Zedan

Submitted by A.H.Zedan

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When can I see you again?
Will you come back to me…
And take away my pain?

The world without you is too terrible
That I don’t know how to tell
There is no heaven around,
All I can see is hell.

My life without you is too bad
Everything that was beautiful,
Is now ugly.
Everything that was inspiring,
Is now sad.

Did you really love me?
Did you think about me one day?
Or were your sweet words only things you used to say?!

I dream about you every night,
I see your face everywhere.
Please tell me,
Why don’t you ask about me?
Why don’t you care?

If you don’t want to come back,
There is only one thing I want you to do
I want you to tell me,
How I can live without you!

Written by A.H.Zedan

Submitted by A.H.Zedan

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