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I'm a very out going person. I love hanging out with my boyfriend. I love writing poems. So please read them...
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I love you, I hope you know Its very hard to show My true feelings Because the alcohol Has taken over who i am The times i wish i was Who i used to be The innocence was once me

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i never thought my heart would heal.i never thought id love again.but God knows best.God knows the truth.Everything heals in the end.that was his plan.

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i love him with all my heart.when he leaves every morning, it seems like hes gone forever.but when i see him return, i just thank god.everytime we get into a fight,i just remember the happy moments.i remember how immature we once were.i forget the good things, when the times right.loving you means more to me,than my last breath.everything i say or do,reminds me of you.baby....everything little thing that you do....im so in love with you....it just keeeps getting better.....<3

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If I loved myself and loved what I really had to offer to myself I probably would be less scared of what other people might think of me. I probably would not make such rational decisions. I would treat myself with respect. I have been there once before. It’s really weird to think that I don’t love myself for who I am. But the first step is to not deny the truth. The second step is to give it up. The last and final step is to be me and not worry about what other people may say or think. If I knew what everyone was thinking about when they think about me I’d probably be hurt by the truth. I think that the reason, for the most part about me making rational decisions is because I didn’t have the respect for myself and my body. I keep hearing mixed sides. “Life’s too short, live it up.” “Don’t give up on what you want in life and don’t give into what you don’t.” it’s hard to distinguish what is right or wrong. When you hangout with the good crowd and the next day it’s the bad crowd; you listen to both sides and hear right and wrong. But what’s right I ask? My heart goes one way and my head goes another. I know right is right? But honestly what is truly right? You see, maybe it’s my age that makes this so difficult. But I really want to know the right answer…




Here is something I have written:




Don’t Fool Around




Don’t fool around with the truth,


& don’t get lost in your lies.




They find away to ruin what’s good,


& hurt what’s right.

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Days wont come and go,where i dont think about us.Watching you walk away,not a tear will fall.The pain in my chest,as if i were trampled all over.Open your eyes,see whats right in front of you.Love will find you,so stay put and wait.watch your step,dont fall.I did,and i got hurt.

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I was standing in the rain,


Under an umbrella with you.


Nothing meant everything,


But that very moment.


I don’t know how to explain,


But the smeared makeup,


And the slapping wet clothes.


Nothing meant everything,


But that very moment.


It’s just somewhere,


We can be alone.


Whispers in my ears,


It’s the sound of fate.


Nothing meant everything,


But that very moment.


Forget the past,


Remember now,


Live the dream.


Everything meant nothing,


But this very moment.

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I don’t know how to react,


To the way you look at me.


Those huge blue eyes,


Glowing in the evening sun.




I don’t know how to run,


From a face so sweet and tender.


The smell of your cologne,


Never disappears.




I don’t know how to change,


The way I feel towards you.


Under the bright light,


Where we stand tonight.

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dreams come true,through and through.never have a doubt,whatever its about.time will only tell,when you will get well.show me your strong,and you'll never go wrong..:DETICATED TO MY MOM:.BY:.ANDRIA

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forever and a day...thats what ive always told you...i will be with you forever and a day...that is very true...because god has brought me to you...i miss you even when you are laying right next to me...i miss the laughs and happy tears...i know this is real...because whenever i see a wedding or even a couple with a child...i think of our future...and i picture your face...mi amor. i love you...

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i never knew that you felt this way about me...along time ago.i never knew you washed your hands of everyone around you...why did you do that?was it because they didnt know you the way i did?or was it because you wanted me all to yourself?its hard to grow up sometimes. its hard to realize things that are right infront of you.until they are not there anymore...thats when you start realizing.love is not just a word. i figured that out the second i fell in love with you...over and over again...<3

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i love you more than you know.i love everything about you.you used to never give me the time of the day.but now that you know...i love you more than you know.you fell in love with this pretty face.this beautiful heart.ive never loved anyone like ive loved you.time will only tell where we will end up.i knew that when you promised youd be back.you would be because promises meant so much to me.i knew youd never break a beautiful heart like mine.baby, thank you for showing me youd never hurt me. youve never hurt me ever. in this whole year weve been together.tears may fall.but that is only because i love you...i love everything about you.<3