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Your lying to me

Your lying to me and I know it but yet you are the one that doesn't know what I know I can't tell you what I know cause I promised to keep it a secret your messed up for trying to do this to me I would never think about cheating on you. So why are you gonna be sneaky and try? But if cheating is what you want and it makes you happy then go for it, but I won't be here to take it if you really loved me and cared like you say you do then why you gonna try and mess things up? We don't argue we don't fight what's so good about hurting me? Does that make you happy? To see me sad. I hope not. But what ever the other girl has to offer I can't possibly have cause if I did you wouldn't be going behind my back have fun cheating on me and have fun breaking my heart I'll try and be strong as I wave goodbye with tissues in each hand you can't be forgiven for breaking my heart. Written by lonely in love Submitted by lonely in love

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