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Your double

Your silence in your hard times makes me feel like an outcast.

Your lack of communication when you are in the wrong makes me feel like i am not worth the while.

Your distance has put me in a place where I can see the whole picture and I seem not in it.

Your life holds me invisible to all and I am really here.

I am not make believe.

We are what we ..... depending who you meet.

If the person is lousy I am your wifely.

If the person has potential I become the weekend girl.

If the person does not want you I become the girlfriend again and so forth.

In this movie I have no major role.

I am a stunt for the real thing you are looking for and I am just tired of playing or acting like I am being appreciated.

In truth your family and friends see the other like the movie star in the picture but in reality if you look close its me acting the double.

The fame and glory is for another and I m just making everything look good for your eyes only MR. Director of your life motion picture.

No more pretending that you will love me one day and see it worth while to introduce me to your cast your family while the movie star

sits and hangs out and be with your family.

No more of me doing stunts to please the action parts and no more putting myself at risk just because you think I can handle it.

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