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Ever since you’ve captured my heart

Never have I thought from you I’d be apart

You have become my sun above

My wellspring of constant love

You’ve shown me the way to paradise

Hand in hand, we’ve soared the heaven’s heights

You’ve brought me nothing but pure bliss

My life you’ve granted a new lease

Doubtless, dearest, because of you

My world’s been changed so completely true

Where clouds once roamed o’er my horizon

Light has since so brightly shone

What more could I possibly ask this world

When in you, I’ve found what I need to behold

Fame and fortune, I may not possess

But my wealth goes beyond earthly riches

How then could I live my life

If you’re not by my side

What’s there to look forward to

When all would be an empty morrow

Leave me not, my angel, I beseech

Here I am, down on my knees

I’d rather will this breath be my last

Than to tread once more my hollowed past

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