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You and Me

Submitted by Shorty E-mail: diamante_hielo@hotmail.com You were the only one who truly card for me Loved me for me,even when I was lookin sloppy Never disapeared, always stayed by my side You were comforting me when I cryed Forgave me when I lied Always apologized, even if I was to blame Never did you think of love like some kind of game We had so many hopes, made so many promises Together we did so many things, even been through some messes Told so many secrets, our trust was so strong Talked to each other all night long Never thought our love would go wrong I guess it was me, got scared and backed away Even though I said I'd never sway I needed some time to realize, how I felt deep inside Too many things were happening at once If I said I didn't miss you then I lied Thought about you every second of the day Felt like talking to you but didn't know what to say Too much has happened for me to just say hey But lately I've been missin you crazy Wonderin if youd still call me your baby but if not then just maybe We can stay friends, I just hope you forgive me
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