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All my life,I
 felt like I'm chasing a rainbow
for my dreams.
I did everything to have it all,
but even true friends hard to find.
Not even a single triumph I felt I succeed.
Then there is you,
you give me hope and courage.
You open a new world for me.
You give light when I needed it most.
You give me strength when i am weak.
You give me hope when i am down.
You made me smile even in rainy days.
you let me in to your heart.
You give me comfort when I'm in misery.
You give me your trust.
You give me love that
I never knew it exist till i met you.
You are the dreams that i dream.
You give me joy and happiness.
You give me the most precious gift,
the gift of life.
You are the love of  my life Forever
and always.

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