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Year 2006 - Fashion Trends for Hairstyles

Elegant Negligence Hairstyles 2006French say "Clean hair is already a hair-do". There are no airy hairdos this spring! Everything should be light, fresh and natural. Hair Color This season the naturalness is actual very mach, coloring by tone-on-tone with chocolate and caramel colors. Cacao with milk, cognac, coffee liqueur and natural blonde colors are leading directions in the fashion today.Platinum blonde looks not natural, but if you Hairstyles 2006 prefer image of fair-haired such lady – pay attention to the light brown colors. The French technique balliage can be used to solve the problem of dark hair roots (the hair is bleached tone by tone along the full length). Hairstyles 2006One of the famous New-York colorists Frank Friscioni recommends everyone to use hair coloring products to darken the hair. He marks without any doubts that the fatal brunette will be big the spring 2006. If you wish to change your hair color to something brighter you can use the methods of highlighting, streaking or foiling that will help make the separate locks of your hair a bit highlighted. The stylist Eugene Souleiman advises to enter this spring with “the full of life hair”. You can tease or backcomb the hair to create volume hairstyles. Thus make sure the volume of the hair should look natural. Use only those products leaving your hair light and manageable. Hair Length The feminity is the most important motive of this spring. Hairstyles 2006Therefore the long hair is back in fashion. As a result, the longer the more beautiful. So, if you have long hair, do not keep them hidden or braided and allow them to stream out in the wind. Just add the volume to your hair at the roots and lay them in big wavy ringlets looking naturally. Apply mousses or stylers to achieve maximum volume and create waves. Thus it’s not necessary to twist your hair into ringlets completely. Leave hair uncurled up to roots of 5-10 cm without combing but dividing locks into sections with fingers. Hairstyles 2006Try different diameter hair curlers or twist some locks to give more natural and surf-look to your hair. Use your fingers for hair stacking. Don’t use hair wax! It is too heavy for the locks to hold and straightens them. The long band is back in style; here a bang wearing over the sunglasses is very popular this spring. The bang is fashionable to wear parting it to one side; here you can get a chin length bang lying wavy around your face. Long hair is fashionable to wear sleeked back or center parted and gathered into a ponytail on a nape or at a neck. You can make beautiful braids to widen Hairstyles 2006 diversity of hairstyles with long hair. The braids should be not less than two, with ribbons and the bows gathered in bunches, fastened in knots and bent into strips. Thus you are not necessary to imitate the African hair style, just wear your hair neatly braided. Hair Shape Hairstyles 2006"The wisped, ragged ends hairstyles" and tapering have gone out of fashion. The hairstyle popular for the spring 2006 should look as natural as possible as though it is to be absolutely without any hair settings. It should be just with naturally beautiful waves. The ends can be tucked inside with one of them is turned away from the base direction. Make large curls and locks that will add originality to any hairstyle. By the way, everyone's favorite crimper haircurlers designed for creating beautiful textured locks are right in style. Men can forget about a hairbrush and the men hairstyles 2006 razor, at least, for a week. A face unshaved a bit and dissoluteness has already gone out of style. You should devote the maximum of care and time to your appearance. Catwalk Hairstyles catwalk hairstylesAnne Valerie Hash, Elie Saab, Carolina Herrera. Long hair rolled up in French Twist. It created with several strands will be twisted out and away from the main French Twist. Alexander McQueen. Long, flowing hair, fluffed up a bit at roots (original shaggy hairstyle). For those with short hair A.McQueen offers a hairstyle looking like the Greek Goddess: the small copper-red curls frame the face. Celvin Klein. Straight and bright hair pulled back in a ponytail. Chanel. Straight and bright hair flowing over chanel hairstylesthe shoulders. Christian Dior. Hair fluffed up at roots. A long disobedient bang. Chloe and Versace. Large ringlets with the ends tucked inside. Center parted hair. Valentino. Side parted straight hair.
Written by Trisha Wood
Submitted by Trisha Wood

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