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Worth it.

My heart is hurting more that you could know. Why do you choose to hurt me like you do. Did I deserve to be destroyed? Am I not worth your fidelity?

I wish I could make you feel my pain, but how could I...how could I even think of hurting you?

I am so broken right now, but even through my pain I still care for you. I am still worried about you as you leave home everyday.

Married, with two children, and I loved you with all of me.

I gave you my love without consequence. Yet I am left to explain what happened to our "happily ever after."

Worked and struggled beside you, with you, for you, as a team. After all we have been through, was she worth it? Was she worth us?

Trust that has been broken, must be earned. I wish it would be easy to erase the past but my heart is stained.

I can honestly say that I loved you as Adam loved Eve and with the power that the moon has over the oceans.

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