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woah :D

its not what you say to methat makes me believethat your all i needits what you do thats lets me knowall my love for you i should showthey way you talk and the things you domakes this love burn endless for youthere is never a day that goes bythat my heart does not soar or flywhen i talk to you my heart gets weirdgiving someone my heart i have fearedbut with you this love is much morein the future i dont know whats instorebut i have you now and you are mine as i am yoursthis love bleeds out like rain it poursyou are my presant that i hope to be my futurethis isnt young love its something much more maturewere young yet we know what is truefrom the very start i knewi knew this would gorw to be much more then a friend basesfrom you i have seen the many facesthe one i love best if when your being you, some so beautifulyou light up my life when befor it was black and dulli will stay with you as long as fate allows and love you foreverbecause my love for you doesnt undertsand the word neverits impossible its like not breathingyou are like my breath its what im needingyou will forever be in my heart as long as its beatingand no you will never be leavingyour in there to stayfor i hope you will never go awayi love youand this true because without you i would not be me.

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