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Without You -- must read

Seriously, Life is nomore  B'ful w'out you, Nothing seems goin right w'out you. Honestly, Trying to go on w'out you, but Its been so lonely w'out you.

Badly, Tears are drowning my heart w'out you, There is sumthin dyin inside w'out you.

I Swear, This is not what I'd wanted to, I just dreamt perfect lyf with you.

Truely, No one can luv you the way I do, Lyf is gonna be !ncomplete w'out you.

Madly, Nothing can change my luv for you, I m right here waitin for you.

Undoubtedly, I ll lways there for you, cuz Thats true, I knew, I luv you.

So, oNe request, Cum back if possible, sum1 here can't live w'out you.


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