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Will I forever stay?

So much pain I've put you through
so much pain you've put me through
the pain was just to great
we lost control of what was real
What was meant to be
so I've lost you
so I've lost myself
a need to forgive is much greater then the need to forget
but i shall forgive you
i just don't know if you can bare to forgive me
the need to say it in this poem
needing to set my emotions free
to let them fly high as the birds
and yet i don't seem to have wings
i do all this to try and live with myself but i cant
i cant stand our reality
it stings like a venomous poison of a black widow
to mend with this is so hard
yet bending it doesn't feel as bad
help me deal with this i say
but yet there's no reply
the sorrow of my pain
the sorrow of my foray towards you heart
the needless nights of pain
with your memories
will i forever stay?

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