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Why can't I write?

Aw, damn-it! Now I'm crying...Why can't I write good?
I want to grow to become a great writer and have my books known through out the land, but I can't even spell right, little lone get my grammar correct. I can not do humor no matter how I try, and I can't even get my thoughts out to express my mind! I fail at horror, I fail at love, shoot I even fail at adventure stuff!
I try to work hard and learn all I can, but even to this day I suck doing fanfiction! 
There is just no way I can become a great writer, its bad enough my vocationally is even so greatly limited.
I can't do detail, or feelings, and fail at everything else in between. I can't get beautiful words out on paper, to make people fall in love with my stories either it seems.   
Please lord in heaven, tell me why can't I write? No matter how I try and practice day to day, I still fail at everything I want to say!

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