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Whispers And Tears.

Soft whispers and silent tears,Gentle words to ease the fears,Of anxious friends with drawn faces,Too distraught for social graces.Keeping vigil through the night,With you losing your breathless fight.Having battled through pain filled years,Among soft whispers and silent tears.Watching sadly your distress and pain,Never to hear your laughter again,As your hold on life disappears,Among soft whispers and silent tears.Your once bright eyes are slowly dimming,While ours with tears are over brimming.A little smile seems to cross your lips,Free at last from your morphine sips.And so you leave your Earthly base,As you start your journey to that Heavenly place.Though out of sight it quells our fears,Calming our whispers and silent tears.(c) John McKay Withey 2009

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