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where is the love?

do flirts have the right to be loved? does a bustard girl has the right to cry? why did you do this? what did i do to you? where did i go wrong? when did i hurt you? how come you denied me? i love you honestly... i'd seduce you in my depth... i'd promise you until my death... i long for your touch... i wanna kiss your lips... i wanna hug you... bare with you till the dawn breaks... watch the world holding your hands... walk a thousand miles with you beside me... but all of these was a nailed promise... never gonna happen... and will just fade... fade away nothing... a moment that will fall down my knees... a harmony that will ignite like a falling stars... a vow that will never be in crowd...

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    • You write about love with such passion and I really belive love should be like that. I like your writing much and am glad that passionate women exist. Because you put your heart so much in you feel also the pain of love that is emotionless, false or fleeting. But I hope you don't lose your very passion. It's a struggle to hang onto it in the face of nothingness but it comes across in your writing. When you finally have the love you wish for you will be likely to treasure it and that's what love really is...something precious, the finest treasue one can have in life. I look at your photo and see a young woman and it surprises me, the fire of passion in your words: "walk 1000 miles with you beside me".....that's really beautiful!
      • thank you ! honestly i dont find the happiness in my life ... i smile at everyone but deeply crying inside ... at young age i had so much experience that were too unbelievable ... but as much of it what really matters most was i am learning ...
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