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When your not by my side

When your not by my side
I m empty from inside
But  when u r with me  I see a light
That guide me threw the nights.
                                        Baby your my inspiration
My inner deep feeling  and my life is your creation
Whenever I go I c your reflection
And when I remember  that I have you
It give me motivation to hang on to this world.
I m tired believe me , I cannot take it any more
Staying away from you is killing me
And there is nothing  I can do.

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    • LOVE IS GOD"S GIFT DO NOT THROW IT AWAY! for is it not better to have love and lost then to have not love at all! is not our love here the love that we give to others the life that others feel as there light to life.. for why did the light that shined on us from others do we not give to others for if we only think of our self is this not selfish.. if we feel lost and alone with our loss of another shall we not care for those that have no other..sharing and caring is what will make us make it though our losses... This is a nice poem you have written..Thank you for that...
      • That is amazingg
        • i like it its deep.
          • i loved it
            • ....I wonder (and hope) that my love feels the same about me as you do about the woman you wrote for...star-crossed loves are so incredibly painful. Thank you for sharing!
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