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When love comes and You dont know what to do

I am not going nowhere he says...for I love you with all my heart. I am not going anywhere he says ...for I need you in my life. I am not letting you go he says...who cares what other says for what counts is you and me. I am not going to give up on us....for I understand you and you me and finally I found someone who can be with. Lets dream he says ....I say lets live reality and later for dreams for there is no time to waste. Lets take it slow he says...I say why we had our period of time to meet and if we know already why wait... I am not going anywhere he says ...for I love you with all my heart....and now I stand here with all this love and scare to hold it for I am scare to dream and want only to live reality which always seem to take over anyway.

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