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I dont know why I still think about him. I thought I was done with him. I also thought I was over him! I hate that I still think about him!!! I hate that part of me still wants him. It kills me. I hate that I still have these memories about him!! Especially since I have someone that loves me and I love him and he wants me and I want him and he is will to do anything for me and i will do anything for him!! I am sick of thinking about him. Its killing me inside Whats wrong with me!! I wonder if he really even cared about me or even loved me!! Or did I give him what he wanted and that was it or when he promised forever was he lying he must have. did he ever think how it would affect me and other relationship i have I have a hard time trusting now bc i gave him everything!! but now I have someone that I LOVE VERY MUCH BUT STILL DONT KNOW!!!


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