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What kept me alive

What kept me alive all these days is thinking about you,Tell me what I gonna do without you the brightness of my life you are my love , you are my life you are  my wishes that come alive .Every day every night all I see is your light.Thinking about you is harming my soul Thinking about you make me loose control Baby plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzDon’t make me cry anymore

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    • Wow you got a thumbs up and a good review from josh, that is great, he is a wonderful poet and knows his stuff Ive been reading his works for a few years now you should feel proud......Your poem is so heartfelt and painful, remember that when one dream falters it opens you up for new one's and sometimes the new one's are better, there is a country song called thank God for unanswered prayers, they guy is telling a story of how he prayed to God that he would put this one girl into his life and he was sad that he didnt but years later when he saw her again and compared her to his wife he realized that God had done the right thing as he loved more the wife than he ever did the girl from his past and had God anwered the prayer he would not have the wonderful wife he has. God will bring to you in the proper time that which you are meant to be with and when that happens you also will thank God for unanswered prayers......keep writing your only getting better
      • This is beautiful
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