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Without love this world is nothing.

Love is the God's great blessing.

Love is an emotionand feeling.

Love is immortal and everlasting.

Love is a strong affection.

Love is a powerful attraction.

Love is a heart's satisfaction.

Love is a soul's connection.

Love makes a life perfect.

Love is free of caste and sect.

Love is so pure, it is correct.

Love is a fascinating subject.

Love is a holy relation.

Love is a full of sensation.

Love is a spiritual relation.

Love is a sweet incantation.

Love has not any limit or range.

Love has not any time or age.

It can be happened life's any stage.

It can't be measured by any gauge.

Love does not expect anything.

But it returns more greeting.

Love is kind, patient and caring.

Love is worship in proper meaning.

Written By: S. Ali Asghar Shah

Email: asgharshah3@yahoo.com

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