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welcome to the road

welcome to the road less traveled. welcome to the road you've never seen. the intersection of loyalty and friendship, but you haven't seen the sign. stolen, cheated and lied your way to the top and into my heart. but I'm turning my back on those who have put me in this sad place. this is the crossroads where i stand alone. you are but a spot on the horizon. and the huge area that your name took in my heart is now only a speck. ill leave you standing on that horizon searching for this intersection. no directions. no hints. you should of been here long ago but you've lost your way. and i am abandoned. shit, abandoned isn'teven the word. your definition of these spoken promises differ from mine but somethings should be universal. people i would put money on who wouldn'tcome to meet me actually did and ones i thought would never leave me stranded proved me wrong. you should be here. next to me. if only to stand in silence. if only to hold my hand. but your not. instead your whispering things behind my back and shoving perfect in my face. enjoying the fact that I'm dying on the inside. enjoying watching me fail. enjoying the fact that you are that much better than me. you claim to see the pain within my eyes while the rest of the world is fooled by a smile. but you've apparently been mislead along with the others. the pain in my eyes was never what you were concerned with. the fake smile was enough not to even ask or even let a thought enter your mind if only for a moment. a wise man once said "sometimes your closest friend is your greatest enemy" and maybe that's all all of you are, enemies. but a false friend is worse than an open enemy. id rather see your fake and deceit in the open. before i was blinded by it but never again. my eyes are wide and even with the pain they see everything. i caught you stealing, witnessed your cheating and deciphered your lies. I'm not giving more than i get anymore. your only getting what you deserve, and that isn't much. but i will still stand at this spot forever or until the day you find it, waiting for you. welcome to the road you never traveled.


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