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Wasn't to be..

Thought I had found the girl to make my life complete,I never wished for us to be apart but I guess it's a defeat,My love for you was so deep like the ocean i wish to repeat,That love but now I just don't know because you make me want to cry,I really try to stay strong but the feeling of you leaving me was just to much to let go,I play my guitar with a sweet melody hoping I'd find you again and i wish to show,You that we can last it out again but I guess that's to late,You've probably found a man while i'm still alone thinking of you and i hate,To see you again because it would just bring tears to my eyes,How could you of done this to me Why me Why now..,You probably thought this was a joke and how,Could you say that when i'm in my room writing poems about you,You just don't know how much i loved you because my love for you was true..</3..


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