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Hate is a door way with a door if you open the door only hate will come in!To war they heard is it because some one said its understanding no!Hatred is what wars are made of and of greed i wonder if greed and hate love each otherLove is wanting to do what is right not what is in spiteHate and see what you get you will seeFind a hate that has done some goodIf you look at hate and stare it in the eyes it will lieBecause hate knows it has no placeThats why hate stands in the door way to try to find a placeIf you hate and put it in someones else's face   See what happens there will be only hate that spreads from that placeYes i say to let it out this anger write it on paper and show hate its place crumpled and in the trash So that hate will know it has no placeTo the dump with the other smelly and disgusting mess that people makeFor as you will see hate has no place so let it be So if hate comes to your door and finds it way inGo to the garbage can and tell hate your on your way to the smelly place and i will not let you inFor hate has no place Its filth we will not bearTO THE LANDFILL OF GARBAGE SMELLY AND GONE

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