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unconditional love

Yes I want lovebut i want unconditionalI want to no u love me in any condition im in.I want to no u here and ain't going no whereI want to believe that u trustbecause in this realtionship trust is a mustI want to no how far u gowhen it's time to showwould you go that extra mile or would u shut me down Love is no joke Cause at the end u maybe the one heart broke.Iwant to no would u ride 4 melike i ride 4ucause when time is downi still hold u aroundcause i'm a girlthats hold her man downI want honesty Iwant u 2 tell me the trutheven if it's not in ucause im downwit the lyin boocause im real 2so if u really wnt this don't rush just give it time and hush

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