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Unable to sleep

I didn't sleep well last nightI didn't dream last nightLosing all the battlesLosing all my fightI didn't sleep well last nightBarely closed my eyestossed and turned and paceduntil sunriseI didn't dream last nightAny time I triedI cried insideand wanted to run and hideI didn't sleep well last nightMy world seems confusedLike a dead-end in a mazelike an ocean without a skyAll my friends are far awaythe hands I hold are imaginedmy life in shades of blue and greyA life derailed and gone astrayI didn't dream last nightAll my dreams feel brokenHardly uttered or spokenmy tears have run dryI didn't sleep at all last nightcaught up in dispairfor all the things not rightnot all black and whiteI didn't dream last nightmy heart is ablazewith sadness and frightNo way to make things rightI didn't sleep at all last nightMy ship must have sailed awayAll I can do is praybut I've forgotten why©  James T. Adair

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    • thats really sad for me to read cuz i know its not just a poem.the end is no were near so chin up and get ur spirit back
      • just let go of sad thought and turn your mind into bright side..not easy but we all must do it too to come on our way :)
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