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Ugliness Within

She wants to hold a stranger-- just not the one in the bed they share.
It's funny how we became strangers- how did we get there?
Moving on is never easy& leaving breaks my heart.
I've tried so hard to let go but you're tearing me apart.
Cruel words cut through our good memories, and tear them all to shred.
You used to be so full of life& now you are just dead.
Dead inside-- maybe you were always& you just didn't let me see.
There's an ugliness about you that I wish weren't caused by me.
Not all, of course, but anger and bitter pain thrown about in fights.
It hurts so bad to hear your voice on these sleepless nights.
I hear you whisper to me, "don't let it die in vain."
Too late, I whisper back-- there's just too much pain.
Anger courses through you, you deliver one last blow.
I beg that you forgive me, as we pack me up, so slow.

Moving on is never easy, but as I remember true.
I remember how alone I was just in loving you.
I took so much care, to hide the ugliness within.
But, baby, you let it seep through, and you can never win.
I'm moving on, and it's so hard, to let go of what I've come to know.
It's easier than putting back your pieces& learning how to sew.
I'm sorry this became so black, ugly to it's deepest core.
I'm sorry that you're bitter-- hideous& oh, so sore.
I forgive you all the pain you've caused.. a weight I've carried for so long.
Ugly feelings burn the good& you sing your bitter song.

"Don't let me die in vain."
It's too late. You're causing too much pain.
You'll never open up& you'll never let me in.
There's so much ugly there, that it should be a sin.
I hope that you are happy& that you find true love.
He wrapped me up, and we fit, comfy as a glove.

I've often heard that I'd know when it was simply RIGHT.
I finally understand, on this sleepless night.
There's nothing ugly about his pain.
I will not let us die in vain.
I'll make every memory count& I will never let you in.
For I hide so much of my ugliness within...


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