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Turning It Around.

Soft sparkling eyes below curly hair,Your friendly smile laid my feelings bare.Graceful fingers, to keep in place,Ebony tresses from hiding your face.Rings removed, you broke the bond,To his pleas you won't respond.You lived a life, lonely and alone,Turning your feelings cold as stone.No tiny hands to explore your face,No tiny head to cover with lace.Never blessed with a child of your own,Made you feel, ever more alone.Your proudest friend loves to go for walks,Just a pity she never talks.She'll offer a paw, when she knows you're down,And look into your eyes untill you lose your frown.A sense of freedom you feel at last,Making up time for your boring past.New friends and friendships now fill your time,The life you missed, was a crime.Pretty lady, still in your prime,You have the time, to right the crime,That stole your love over lonely years,Years that were filled with sadness and tears.John McKay Withey (c) 2009

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