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Trying to forget

It seems as everyday you’re leaving me behind Pretending I’m your past, trying to get me out of your mind For you’re scared of what they would say of our relationship When u know u want more then jus friendship Is it really that hard for us to be together I know though u miss the good times and the laughter Are u listening to what others say Do u really want me to go away I though you said you’ll always love me for me It was all a lie, I can see it clearly Why does it matter if they don’t think I’m all that Though u know u love it every time, when we chat You don’t talk for so long then u come and say you love me Can’t u make up your mind, for I do want you badly You tell me how much fun I am, how I’m different and so lovable Why u got to make it so complicated, can’t you just be loyal I guess its best to leave you alone, For I can never make you my own You seem to be confused about us, Loving you seems almost pointless Cause I can never have you, You can’t seem to make up your mind on what to do Though I’ll always love you but when u finally make up you’re mind It maybe too late, for a friend is all u might find Written by diamante_hielo Submitted by diamante_hielo


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