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                      CryMissing the puppy that I have now lostSuch pain is the price to me that it cost.Loving and faithful, was my Little girl,Missing her deeply, my heads in a whirl.She was just looking for someone with whom to play.When she went for a romp by herself that day,Along came the warden, scooping her upThe fines were too high, now she has a new family to love.If only the money was something I hadPerhaps I could have just... gotten her back!Missing her deeply, my little Imperial Shih-tzuI know in my heart, that she misses me too... It's such a long story, why I was not thereTo keep my girl safe, as I do so much care...My daughter was busy, I know she feels badWhen Trinket went roaming, then in the pound she sat.Nobody told me until it was too lateA new family paid for the fees that day.Gone is my puppy, such pain in my heartIf there was only a way, but I didn't know where to start!It's probably too late, as a month has now passedIf I had that money, I would get over there fast!I think it was wrong of my family to sayJust find her a new home they told the pound, that day.All for the price of three hundred dollarsI lost a part of my soul, now all I have is her collar.I'll never have another like Trinket againThey cost too much money, but she was my.... friend!I pray that she's happy, in her brand new homeAs they had the money, so they paid the pound.Anyone would love her, right from the start,It takes only a moment, and she's forever in your heart.All of my wishes I'm sending her wayAll of her kisses are now theirs each dayPlease help me cope with this broken heartIt may silly but in my life she was such a big part...I was just going to get her, to come live with me,My family lives there, yet I live over here you see...Now I'm really alone in my little caveI'm just so damn lonely now, every single day...                     Cry Cry

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