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Today, Forever, and Always

Your happy with her and I guess I should be too. You were my best friend and yet I threw that in the trash too. I had diffrent feelings then just that you know, and you admited you did too. Before her it was just me and you. Laughing and flirting, in our own little universe. Now its her and you, no more me and you...! I guess you can say I feel pretty used. Knowing you picked someone new. It hurts me to know she makes you happier then I ever used to. Im so worthless not even crying will give you a clue. I guess ill just let you go, just for you is what im doing this for. Its gonna take time and what we had wont just fade. But I love you today, forever, and always! So fine, act like you dont know me. Push me to the ground and watch my tears hit the floor. Stomp on my heart and then say you dont care. Just remember I was there through the entire ride. And dont forget it wasnt me who said goodbye. If your gonna give me up for some other girl ill survive. But atleast stick around to wipe my tears away dry! And read my little note that wasnt a lie, I will love you today, forever, and always!

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