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Ok~ today is the day were I am going to wake up and realize that this is the way my life is supose to be...Not going to try to be anything else but me and only me..I am not gonna change for anyone ...U say I think negitive ..well I think that way because of you ...and all the others..well  I am not going to be your 1 St choice or  last choice....I am not even gonna give you a choice anymore.. I am tired of being your fear of having no love ..you are so full of hate and negitive things,,I will never be perfect enough for you ...and I will never be right for you either...I changed and tried to be the person you wanted me to be ...but I guess that isn't gonna work for you anymore....cause it don't work for me anymore ...when you wake up every morning alone or with a stranger next to you the only person you can blame is yourself...Cause I thought I knew you and very well thought that I was gonna love you for the rest of my life... but I thought wrong one that day you broke my heart trust and my mind....thought I was helpless without you thought I couldn't breathe ...well guess what I am over all that bull shit now....I am tired of being that someone you walk on and wipe your feet on....And I thought I was just being there for you when I was really getting used....I am starting to think you are pathetic and someone who defently doesn't deserve someone like me ...cause I am worth everythign to my children and I ..

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