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To My Dearest Friends

This poem has been deleted.It may be found by searching on the web for poems of James T. AdairFriends come out of the blueThey're one of life's wonderful mysteriesAnd the nicest partIs to feel them in your heartYou love them dearlyThough fear they'll somehow partYou want them to like you And somehow they doAs if you've become a part of themAnd they somehow a part of youFriends, I have a fewSo lovely are they tooI give them a piece of my heartand this is surely truewithout the care of my friendsI likely would not make it throughSo most humbly I say Thank You!I Love You!Know I'd do the same for each of you.Because kindness, sharing and caringYou deserve it tooand the nicest feeling I've ever foundIs giving some love to youThanks for helping my heart healand for keeping the important things in viewI can't imagine the world any morewithout you!


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