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roses are red violets are blue but my flowers are deadthere wilted and black flowing redbut no,no tears i will sheadno i will not fight i will not strainjust take me now and for the rest of my lifebecuase theres nothing i can do i aready took the knifeit cut me in two pieces and left me broken insidebut dont worry about me, ive already diedi will not run i will not hidebecuase i know its coming for meim already dead and gone, im already freeshead no tears i went to my destinyit seemed like i was burried alive for yearsso many tearsso much pain was around meno, not for my life i will not pleajust let me go, let me beand you will see how much better of i will beim in so much pain just let me goand my tears will no longer flowi will be better off gone them when i am herebut no, have no fear i will always be herelooking down on you and smilingi know you did everything you couldi had major writers block for weeks now and then just today word kept coming to me and like i was just ryming them then after i read this i found out that it was about my grandma but at 1st i wasnt sure what i was writing so yeah kinda crazy but she inspired me so thats awesome and i miss her alot so R>I>P grandma!!!!


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