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her heart has been stripped
her wings have been clipped
she has fallen and i want to be the one to catch her
i love her and this i am sure
she is the angel i see
she is the star i see in the night shining brightly
ever night i dream
i dream of that one angel
a broken and fallen angel but yet she is so perfect in my eyes
and every time she crys
i kills me inside
because even if i tried she still cried
wich means i failed and let her down
because i want to be the only one to make her smile and never frown
even when all she wants to do is cry
i will still try and try i will
because i loved her once i love her still
and 4ever i always will
until;; until
the end of time 4ever
i will get you even if it takes forever because forever is better then never
because you make all things better
you are my sunshine when my head gets cloudy
you make gray skies go away
4ever is how long i want you to stay
i wish i may
i wish i myte
hav yu 2 hold 2 nyte
and every nyte
for the rest of my life

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