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I heard Love is a wonderful thing

Yet can make you cry if you fall in.


But, what is this I am feeling?

It’s new for me and strange.

Could this be love or just a fling?


In my heart there’s a craving

I want to tell you about my dreams.

Between heaven and earth

It’s you I wish to live with.


My life was a dead end.

With your hopes and dreams

You made me live again.

I knew I am falling in.


I want the moon and the stars to witness

As I confess to you my heart.

Your name is engraved in the deepest part.


It is love I am feeling and not just a fling.

It’s both hell and heaven.

But, I am ready to live in.


Truly love has so many splendor things.

But few have found and feel the same.

It’s like a magic just a blink

And you’re in.


With you my love I depend.

I gave you my heart till the end.

My love for you is always the same.




 @E.C.S 07-29-10

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