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I saw this figure just standing thereHer beauty so engulfed me I could not move I could only stareI tried to open my mouth to speakBut not a word would mutterWhen I saw her wings My heart began to flutterI was in a tranceFrozen in timeMy thoughts were inprisoned in my mindI wanted to move!I wanted to scream!I wanted to get her attention So she would look at meMy thoughts begged from inside Please look my way!Please, please, please so I can see your beautiful faceMy mind was becoming intoxicated Feeling very highThen all of a sudden There was a loud boom! of ThunderThere lighting streaked across the skyI was afraid so I closed my eyesWhen I opend my eyes there she stood In front of meSo beautiful A winged angel of darkness that only I could seeI tilted my head and she kissed me on my cheekShe turned and spread her wings and flew awayRight in front of meI stood for some time in disbeliefBut as I wiped my hand across my cheekMy hands were red from the blood from her lipsI love you angel of darkness I cant wait until I see you againw


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