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There are no words I know to soothe you.
Nor the words to say to comfort you.
I feel your pain and anguish.
I wanted to wipe your tears.
And hold you tight upon my breast.
Everything has its limit
And for you, everything is a mess.
For a dreamer like me, I take life easily.
But,to a person like you who live life for real
Life is not just black and white.
Is it a sin to live in a dream?
And create the world of my own.
 I know I am a dreamer
I wanted to tell you everything will be okay,
But that would be in appropriate for me to say.
When in reality I also know,it's not that easy.
For a dreamer like me, I can say material things
doesn't matter at all.
But,for a realist like you,money matters after all.
I wanted to help you but I am just a plain house wife
and mother to our little girl.
Our world is the exact opposite but our love united it.
I created a world full of wonders and only love exist.
While you live in reality and face the facts that life
is not that easy like black and white.
I know you are right,somehow love is overrated.
But I believe that love will get us through to this.
And someday I will not just live in a dream.
I will be living for real with you and our daughter.
Because you are my dreams that becomes my reality.
For now,I am sorry my lover.
All i can give is my love and care.
And you can be sure, I'll never get tired of telling you
and show you how much I care.
If you are weak i will be your strength.
And if you feel like giving up,
 I will give you hope and make you understand.
I know I am a dreamer and know as well
That life is full of tricks and detour
that can give us trouble and lost our way
If we are not strong enough to fight 
And win the battle of life.
Don't let go,hold my hand
And together we will stand upon the
biggest rock and climb the highest mountains
And cross the deepest sea.
And we will see that our love is the strongest
shield that will make us win the battle of life.

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